Nicholas School Student Council (NSSC)


The Nicholas School Student Council (NSSC) of the Nicholas School of the Environment is an advocate on behalf of professional students, representing the interests and concerns of these students to the Duke University and Nicholas School community. The NSSC is a group of elected and volunteer-appointed Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) and Masters of Forestry (MF) students that serves as an advisory body to the faculty and administration, and provides a conduit between the student body, faculty, and administration. Through the NSSC, professional students address with faculty and administration issues that include, but are not limited to, academic programs and curricula, courses, professional development, and long-range goals of the school. Through the service of its officers and representatives, NSSC aims to improve the quality of student life at the Nicholas School.

The main purposes of NSSC are:

  • To facilitate communication between Nicholas School professional students, faculty, and administration.
  • To represent the interests and concerns of Nicholas School professional students to the Duke University community.
  • To improve the quality of student life at the Nicholas School.


2016-2017 Student Leaders or Officers

Director of Student Groups: Adam Fischer
Director of Finance: Nicole Miller
Secretary: Kathryn Gaasch
Events Coordinator: Rachel Brinks
Orientation Coordinator: Hayley Hanway
Beaufort Rep: Kelsey Johnson-Sapp
International Rep: Jianing Fan
Communications: Carley Reynolds

Contact Info

Faculty/Staff Advisors

Faculy Advisor: Dean Urban
Staff Advisor: Nancy Kelly