Ocean Policy Working Group (OPWG)

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Ocean Policy Working Group is a graduate student organization that focuses on the political, economic, and cultural dimensions of human interactions with the ocean. The group brings together graduate and professional students from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds to consider the ways in which our areas of study influence our perceptions of the ocean.

Through interdisciplinary discussions and events, we seek to foster a deeper understanding of emerging challenges in ocean policy and management across a range of international contexts. The Ocean Policy Working Group is currently sponsored by the Nicholas School of the Environmental and the Duke University Center for International Studies (DUCIS).

As a graduate student organization of DUCIS, our membership draws from graduate and professional programs across Duke’s campus. Although the majority of Ocean Policy Working Group members are Nicholas School students, the interdepartmental nature of the group has enabled students to consider environmental challenges from alternative perspectives.

This year, through events such as lunch seminars that bring in local speakers, an alumni networking event that allowed members to gain valuable professional and career information, and an upcoming symposium to be led by experts in the field of marine debris/plastics, members have gained a greater familiarity with the complexities in developing effective ocean policies and management strategies. 

In addition, our publication, Upwelling, is a great way for members, faculty, and alumni to showcase their policy work with the greater Duke community.



2018-2019 Student Leaders or Officers

Administrative Coordinator - Emily Melven
Outreach Coordinator - Waverly Reibel
Lunch Seminar Coordinator - Cam Adams
Action Team Coordinator - Molly Bruce
Publication Coordinator - Natalie Rodriguez
Symposium Co-coordinators - Janet Bering 

Contact Info

E-mail dukeOPWG@gmail.com

Faculty/Staff Advisors

Faculty Advisor: Grant Murray
Staff Advisor:  Allison Besch