SNAP Visual Communications (SNAP)


The mission of Duke SNAP is to promote the communication of life sciences and conservation to the public through all manner of media. This is accomplished using a threefold approach: 1) teaching students of all levels of expertise various skills in visual, auditory, and written communication, 2) be a hub to connect students together to share ideas, find opportunities, and promote collaboration, and 3) distribute content generated by members to the public through various avenues of communication such as the internet, non-profits, and expositions. We provide Nicholas School students training in various methods of media content creation, as well as try and promote work they create to both the Duke Community and beyond. Nicholas students also get a chance to network with local NGO's as well as professional media experts through our events.


2016-2017 Student Leaders or Officers

Ryan Huang
Wout Salenbien
Conor Makepeace
Donovan Loh

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Faculty/Staff Advisors

Faculty Advisor: Rebecca Vidra