Career Interests

Shark Conservation, Fisheries Management, Behavioral Ecology, Population Dynamics of Elasmobranchs, Coral Reef Ecosystem Stressors, Dietary Analysis

Employment Sought:
Permanent Position


Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment, Durham, NC         May 2017
Master of Environmental Management, Concentration in Coastal Management
Master’s Project: Feeding habits of the tiger shark, Galeocerdo cuvier, in the northwest Atlantic Ocean
Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California                      June 2014
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science     
Minors in Public Health and Communication

Professional Experience

NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center, Panama City, Florida                     Summer 2016
Shark Population Assessment Group Intern
•    Sampled inshore areas of 5 bays and inlets as part of the Gulf of Mexico Shark Pupping and Nursery Survey.
•    Measured, tagged, and collected environmental data on juvenile sharks and teleosts.
•    Participated in the Smalltooth Sawfish Abundance Survey in the Everglades and gathered data on 8 sawfish of varying sizes.
•    Initiated independent project, a dietary analysis of the tiger shark in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.
•    Dissected 180 tiger shark stomachs, identified the contents, and analyzed the findings.
•    Writing a scientific paper on my findings, which I intend to submit for publication.
Bimini Biological Field Station, Shark Lab, Bimini, Bahamas                   Spring 2015
Research Intern
•    Tracked juvenile lemon sharks with a hydrophone for a master’s project on habitat usage/preference.  
•    Tagged and took measurements of 6 different species of sharks. 
•    Ran behavioral trials on juvenile lemon sharks for a PhD project on personality, which will be submitted for publication.
•    Deployed, ran checks on, and handled sharks in gillnets and on longlines.
•    Assisted with data entry of tagged sharks and video analysis of the behavioral trials.
•    Spent 120 hours in the field for a three-week research project to catch and tag every juvenile lemon shark in 2 different nurseries. Captured and collected data on over 200 sharks, which will be used to monitor this population. 

Moss Landing Marine Lab, Moss Landing, California                Summer 2013
Fisheries Biology Intern (worked under Cheryl Barnes)
•    Collected, dissected, and preserved the organs of over 500 California halibut for a graduate research project on their reproductive characteristics.
•    Constructed graphs and tables analyzing sex, age, maturity status, egg count, area of capture, and conditions of capture. 
•    Additional duties included trawling, beach seining, sampling for the California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program, tagging leopard sharks to learn about their movement, and assisting in a thresher shark necropsy.

Organization for Tropical Studies, Duke University (Study Abroad), South Africa            Fall 2012
•    Conducted field research in Kruger National Park. Designed and launched projects, including: testing learned behavior in elephants, the spatial relationship of crocodiles and hippos in dammed versus flowing rivers, and the effect of seagrass fragmentation on faunal diversity.
•    Presented our elephant learned behavior findings (using capsaicin to safely deter elephants from eating crops) to South African National Parks staff. 


Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, Durham, NC       Fall 2015-Spring 2016
Ocean and Coastal Policy Program Assistant
•    Produced a state of literature review on Chinese fisheries that will be published by the Institute and used to determine where further research is needed on this issue.
•    Analyzed data and designed graphs for a published World Bank report on tuna fisheries in the Pacific.
•    Created an informative 2-page document on the global status of tuna stocks in each ocean.
•    Researched policies on small-scale fisheries in coastal nations for a future report on their effectiveness.

The Ocean Foundation, Washington, DC                                       Fall 2014-Spring 2015
Marketing Intern
•    Wrote successful grant applications for the Foundation to receive funding for marine research projects.
•    Researched and compiled information for blog posts about relevant marine news and created infographics to post on various social media accounts.
•    Designed and helped build a new, user-friendly website.
•    Created brand and style guidelines for the Foundation to use, which are now provided to every employee. 

EarthShare, Bethesda, Maryland                                Summer 2012
Campaign Intern
•    Wrote “Success Stories” on organizations associated with EarthShare that were published on the website.
•    Devised and disseminated informative sustainability fliers to the public at various events in DC.
•    Organized and updated donor databases and called donors to thank them. 
•    Researched environmental volunteer opportunities and helped match hundreds of volunteers to events.

Additional Information

PADI Divemaster
Technical Skills: Windows and Mac OS, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Salesforce, GIS, WordPress, Primer, Ecological Methodology, RStudio, MATLAB 

2016 Edna Bailey Sussman Foundation Grant Recipient


fisheries science and policy
program management

Graduation Date

May 2017

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Preferred Sector

Academic Institution
Federal Government
Non-profit / NGO
Research Institute / Think Tank
State / Local Government