David Chen

David Chen

Dependable, result-oriented Natural Resource Management Professional with 3 years of environmental project management experience in successful best management practice implementation, client relationship management, and natural resource management planning bolstered by 2 years of graduate studies in natural resource conservation policy and environmental markets. Hardworking, team player who enjoys tackling challenges and utilizing interpersonal and communication skills in a demanding environment.

Career Interests

Natural Resource & Conservation Policy Development, Environmental Markets and Conservation Finance, Ecosystem Services 

Employment Sought:
Permanent Position


Master of Environmental Management, May 2017           
Nicholas School of the Environment
Duke University, Durham, NC
Advanced my knowledge of natural resource conservation policy and refined my management skills.  Completing two years of graduate-level study in environmental policy and management with particular emphasis on conservation policy and environmental markets.
Coursework: Natural Resource Law, Environmental Law, International Environmental Law, Policy Analysis of Development, Resource and Environmental Economics, Putting Ecosystem Services into Practice, Ecosystem Services and Their Quantification Methods Environmental, Environmental Decision Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Environmental Program Evaluation, Professional Communications, GIS & Geospatial Analysis, Application of Statistical Data Analysis for the Environment, Biodiversity Science and Application, Conservation Biology 

Professional Experience

Wildlife and Conservation Intern, White House Council on Environmental Quality
•Crafted guidance and policy solutions for federal agencies. Assisted in developing framework and drafting the Council on Environmental Quality’s implementation guidance for Presidential Memorandum M-16-01 regarding incorporating ecosystem services into Federal decision making.  Conducted policy and finance research for the Administration strategy document “Leveraging Innovation to Boost Private Investment in America’s Natural Resources.” Designed framework and first draft of Presidential Executive Order concerning Federal management of wildlife. 
• Convened and Organized White House roundtable event on leveraging private capital and markets to address natural resource challenges in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Facilitated discussions about water quality, agriculture, and pay for success concepts between State Secretaries, federal decision makers, and business executives. Participated in selecting and arranging logistics of speaking roles for the Director of the Council on Environmental Quality at the 2016 World Conservation Congress. 
•Gathered Stakeholders to deliberate and build consensus. Arranged and conducted meetings with environmental policy and technical leads in 13 Federal agencies to incorporate their experiences and expertise into making an effective guidance for successfully integrating ecosystem services into their decision-making procedures and policy. Strategically united stakeholders from federal agencies, non-profit organizations, and the agricultural and development sectors in meetings to bolster consensus around President Obama’s conservation agenda. 
•Communicated through clear and concise briefings and reports. Composed internal memorandums and presented briefings addressed to the Director and Chief of Staff on issues regarding United States Army Corps of Engineers and United States Fish and Wildlife Service mitigation banking policy. Reviewed, wrote, and submitted the Council on Environmental Quality’s comments and revisions for the Council for the Conservation of Migratory Birds’ Annual Report. 
Ecosystem Services Program Assistant, Graduate Assistantship, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions                 
•Analyzed federal and international policy. Evaluated the viability of using the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District’s methodology for determining appropriate compensatory mitigation credits for dam removal as a national policy. Investigated and produced an in-depth literature review of the Australian Government’s Murray-Darling Basin Plan for determining water allocation. 
•Identified and summarized effective models of engagement of landscape scale conservation through initiatives with private landowners. Researched and detailed the structure and experiences of successful landscape scale forest conservation programs for a published white paper. 
•Refined and managed content. Performed updates and revisions to the content on the National Ecosystem Services Partnership website and monthly newsletter updates.   
Environmental Consultant Manager/Assistant Course Trainer, Scott Environmental Health & Safety Services 
•Directec and managed a team of 8 consultants and 3 environmental engineers, the firm’s largest consulting team in Southern California, in overseeing the environmental planning, design, monitoring, and compliance on 67 client construction projects throughout Southern California. Supervised team progress on client projects by establishing project timelines, weekly team briefings, and biweekly individual employee progress meetings. Monitored employee performance through performance reviews and encouraged strong performance with promotions and performance bonuses. Filled employee vacancies in my team by creating job descriptions, advertising positions, interviewing prospective candidates, and helping in the final employee selection. 
•Established team building policies and delegated responsibilities. Implemented weekly team briefing meetings and monthly team strengthening exercises to foster teamwork and workplace cohesion. Established an efficient and equitable team workflow and delegated responsibilities and duties to consultants in my team.  
•Trained professionals in regulatory compliance. Trained city managers, project managers, engineers and state regulatory inspectors on bioassessment monitoring, quality assurance & control, in-field sampling and monitoring, and design of storm water management plans. Instructed a monthly 3-day course on storm water pollution management in accordance to the California Construction General Permit. 
•Represented organization with professional communication and networking. Led introductory and networking meetings with potential clients and communicated the firm’s professional goals and capacity to serve clients. Promoted business growth through networking and personally attained 18 client projects. 
Environmental Compliance Consultant, Scott Environmental Health & Safety Services                       
•Selected and designed best management practices for storm water pollution, hazardous waste, and fugitive dust management on over 27 client construction projects. Deliberated with environmental engineers on effective design of best management practices while overseeing implementation of onsite best management practices with weekly site inspections and client meetings. Developed 14 project-specific Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans compliant with the California Construction General Permit. Compiled compliance documentation into reports and submitted reports to California State regulatory bodies. 
•Solved problems by consolidating knowledge. Worked with project managers to devise creative management and design solutions to eliminate the risk of polluting storm water and air quality from client activities. Resolved problems of erosion and sediment control by utilizing simple and overlooked solutions such as employing slopes and natural features and complex novel solutions like bioremediation and active treatment systems when appropriate. 
•Monitored project conditions and progress by inspecting client project sites and managing the collection of discharge sampling and documentation of inspections. Produced monthly internal progress reports for my manager and produced and submitted all required documentation on behalf of 27 client projects for the California Regional Water Quality Control Board including annual reports, notice of intents, notice of terminations, effluent reports, and violation responses. 


program management
stakeholder engagement

Graduation Date

May 2017



Preferred Location


Preferred Sector

Federal Government
State / Local Government