Xiaoxing Cui

Xiaoxing Cui

Xiaoxing is a 4th year PhD student at Duke University graduating in 2018. Previously, she obtained Master’s of Science in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University and completed a five-year Bachelor of Medicine program at Peking University.

Xiaoxing designs epidemiological studies, implements interdisciplinary research projects and performs statistical analysis examining the cardiopulmonary health impact of air pollution and exposure reduction with exploratory investigations on the toxicological mechanisms. She is leading a randomized crossover study recruiting asthmatic children to investigate potential health benefit of indoor air filtration intervention in areas with high ambient air pollution (funded by Underwriter Laboratory Inc). Previously, Xiaoxing led the implementation and statistical analysis of a crossover study on the cardiopulmonary impact of overnight air filtration among healthy adults (NCT02736487). Her responsibilities included identifying the time points and biomarkers for health outcome evaluation, designing inclusion/exclusion criteria and related questionnaires, composing IRB application, study registration at ClinicalTrial.gov, recruitment and management of 7 research staff and 71 study subjects, budgeting, assessment of cardiovascular outcomes and respiratory inflammation during 16 clinical visits and overseeing the collection, unique numbering and storage of biological specimens. Currently she is conducting mixed effects models on the data collected.

PhD student in Nicholas School of Environment
My research focuses on the exposure assessment of air pollution and its health impact on human health at population level, with exploratory investigations on the mechanism of the toxicological process as well as effective interventions for exposure reduction.

  • Through exposure assessment at the population level, I aim to identify the parameters of exposure that is most relevant to the downstream health effects using data from airborne pollutants, including particulate matter, ozone and nitric oxides.
  • Of the adverse health effects, I am interested in disruption of respiratory and cardiovascular function via induction of oxidative stress, particularly among susceptible populations such as asthmatic children.
  • Through designing and implementing epidemiological studies on indoor air filtration in urban areas of developing countries, I hope to investigate the effectiveness of interventions available for reducing air pollution exposure as well as discover novel biomarkers that provide a more accurate characterization of personal exposure and early health effects.


Doctor of Philosophy
Integrated Toxicology and Environmental Health Program
Duke University (Durham, NC), 2013 - 2018 (Expected) 

Master of Science in Public Health
Concentration: Occupational and Environmental Hygiene
Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD), 2011 - 2013 

Bachelor of Medicine
Specialty: Preventive Medicine
Peking University (Beijing, China), 2006 - 2011

Faculty Advisor(s)

Program Area

PhD program: Environment

Graduation Date

May 2018


environmental health
excel modeling
grant writing
international development policy
presentation development
program management
project management
public health
survey design