Ali Daraeepour

Ali Daraeepour

My research addresses topics at the intersection of operations, planning, and economics of the electric power sector with a particular interest in the integration of variable energy resources and energy and environmental regulations. My research is inherently interdisciplinary, requiring an understanding of the challenges facing the electric power sector, understanding of current and emerging energy resources, technologies, the economic and policy factors driving change across this sector, and the state of the art of quantitative models built upon economic principles and solved with operations research techniques.


Daraeepour, A, Kazempour, SJ, Patino-Echeverri, D, and Conejo, AJ. "Strategic Demand-Side Response to Wind Power Integration." IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 31, no. 5 (September 2016): 3495-3505.
Daraeepour, A, and Echeverri, DP. "Day-ahead wind speed prediction by a Neural Network-based model." 2014 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference, ISGT 2014 (January 1, 2014).
Varkani, AK, Daraeepour, A, and Monsef, H. "A new self-scheduling strategy for integrated operation of wind and pumped-storage power plants in power markets." Applied Energy 88, no. 12 (December 2011): 5002-5012.
Amjady, N, and Daraeepour, A. "Midterm Demand Prediction of Electrical Power Systems Using a New Hybrid Forecast Technique." IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 26, no. 2 (May 2011): 755-765.

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PhD program: Environment

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