Katherine DiPrete

Katherine DiPrete

Career Interests

Water quality, GIS, Groundwater
Employment Sought:
Permanent Position


Master of Environmental Management, 2018    
Nicholas School of the Environment
Duke University, Durham, NC
Concentration: Water Resources Management 
Certificates: Geospatial Analysis
Leadership: Event Coordinator of Student Association of Wetland Scientists (SAWS)
Relevant Coursework: Advanced Geospatial Analysis; Landscape Hydrology; Dendrology; Stream and Wetland Restoration Ecology; Geospatial Analysis for Water Quantity and Quality; Aquatic and Wetland Field Skills; Water Resources, Finance and Planning; Wetland Ecology and Management; Applied Statistical Analysis; Land Use Principles and Policy.
Masters Project: Evaluating the use of periphyton as a bio-indicator of nutrient over-enrichment in North Carolina’s wadeable streams
Bachelor of Science, 2015    
University of Richmond, School of Arts and Sciences
Majors: Environmental Studies and Geography
Minor: Biology
Relevant Coursework: Landscape Ecology; Environmental Law and Policy; Environmental Economics; 
Environmental Ethics; Biodiversity Conservation in Human Society; Aquatic Ecology; Physical Geography
Study Abroad: Environmental Science at University of East Anglia, Norwich, England
Thesis: An analysis of land use and runoff on the University of Richmond Campus and mitigation suggestions to improve the water quality of Westhampton Lake


water resources management

Graduation Date

May 2018

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