Barbara Gore

Barbara Gore

Motivated and accomplished sustainability professional with 3 years experience building progressive sustainability initiatives with companies and non-profits including Under Armour, REI, Orvis, Darden, Disney, Hilton Hotels, and World Wildlife Fund. Adaptive systems thinker with strong interpersonal skills and a desire to positively impact the triple bottom line.

Career Interests

Sustainability Initiatives, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Business Strategy, Apparel & Food Industry, Private-Public Partnerships, Environmental Assessment, Corporate Reporting, Circular Economy

Employment Sought:
Permanent Position


Nicholas School of the Environment
Duke University, Durham, NC
Concentration: Business and Environment
Sustainable Systems Analysis Certificate
Coursework: Corporate Environmental and Sustainability Strategy, Corporate Sustainability in Global Contexts, Environmental Finance, Social Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Life Cycle Assessment, Data Analysis & Statistics , Sustainable Systems Analysis,  Communications
University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD
Modern Language & Linguistics – Spanish Certificate

Professional Experience

Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility Student Consultant, Master's Project, Orvis Outdoor Sporting Good & Apparel, Manchester, VT
Developing a 3-tiered sustainability survey to be distributed to 1,700+ employees in US and UK to identify champions in the Executive Leadership Team, pinpoint improvement opportunities in operations and supply chain, build out a robust employee engagement program and develop a framework for a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Advisory Council. Conceptualizing a 3-year CSR strategy alongside Orvis Leadership Team that utilizes findings from sustainability survey, product life cycle and supply chain data, industry best practice research, and in-depth competitor assessment. 9/2016 – 5/2017 
Corporate Programs Sustainability Intern, World Wildlife Fund, Markets Institute, Washington, DC
Pioneered Hilton Hotel’s food waste sustainability program by engaging a cross-functional team of internal and external stakeholders including WWF Directors, Hilton Sustainability Leadership Team, and Hilton Executive Chefs in order to develop scalable food waste program to be integrated into hotel restaurants across the brand portfolio. Identified over $12.6 million dollars in cost saving potential across 243 hotels and recommended strategies for food waste reduction that produced ROIs of up to 50%. Piloted 5 food waste programs in 4 cities to develop food waste efficiency metrics that accurately attributes a financial value to food waste, tracks food waste expenditures and comparatively assess efficiency of different hotels. Persuaded key players in the WWF-Hilton partnership to engage in development of quantifiable targets for food waste reduction and food donation in order to align Hilton’s corporate strategy with program goals. 5/2016 – 8/2016
Information Technology Sustainability Intern,Disney, Environmental Conservation & Assessments, Glendale, California
Developed an Excel model to quantify the total electricity consumption and CO2 emissions of 150,000+ IT devices under various energy consumption scenarios and compared against Disney’s 2020 GHG reduction goals. Designed a captivating and educational infographic translating CO2 emissions data into relatable metrics such as # of cars on the road, trips to the moon, houses powered, and trees planted to be distributed throughout the company. 5/2016 – 7/2016
Sustainability Student Consultant, Under Armour
Evaluate opportunities in the apparel industry for consumer facing sustainability initiatives through industry interviews, secondary research and feasibility assessments. Spring 2017
Sustainability Student Consultant, R.E.I.                                            
Evaluate the environmental and social impacts of high volume food products sold in REI stores by identifying key attributes that promote sustainable farming practices and ethical worker conditions while reducing environmental impacts. Develop recommendations relevant to REI’s business and supportive of strong sustainability values. Spring 2017
Sustainability Student Consultant, Darden
Analyze the environmental effectiveness of organic ban regulations, organic recycling infrastructure, and business implications of diverting organic material to develop the business case for food waste diversion for Darden restaurants

Other Experience

Volunteer Research Projects:
Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation – Sting Ray Population Survey 
Cayman Islands Turtle Farm – Green Turtle Blood Sampling 
USFWS – Red Knot Mist Netting, Bird Banding 
USFWS – Bat Population Survey

Additional Information

Sustainable Systems Analysis Certificate
President & Co-Founder of Nicholas Net Impact Chapter


project management
stakeholder engagement

Graduation Date

May 2017

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Business / Industry
Entrepreneur / Start-up
Non-profit / NGO