Daniel Hickey

Daniel Hickey

Career Interests

Civil Service Land/ Forest Manager 

Employment Sought:
Permanent Position


Master’s Degree in Forestry, May 2018
Nicholas School of the Environment
Duke University, Durham NC.
SAF-Accredited (Treasurer of Duke SAF student chapter)
Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies, Cum Laude, April 2013
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA
Study Abroad: Veritas Universidad in San Jose, Costa Rica: Studied and explored the tropical ecology of the country. August 2012.

Professional Experience

NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) Planner, Pathways Intern, USDA USFS, Nez-Perce Clearwater NF, Kamiah ID. 
Worked with NEPA team leaders to create and edit CEs, EAs, and EISs, which is an integral process to accomplish the forest's goals and projects.  Forest projects included insect and disease treatments, fuel load reductions, and fire salvage. Gained field experience by assisting resource specialists in areas such as soil, forestry, and fisheries collect data (ex. soil conditions, forest stocking, stream turbidity) necessary for NEPA analysis. May 2017 to present.

Lab Technician, Ambient Water Treatment Consulting, Inc., Jericho NY.
Performed various water testing services on condenser, boiler, and tap water systems. Typical tests included taking bacteria dip slide readings and testing the concentration of various metals such as iron and copper. January 2016 to August 2016. 

Environmental Specialist, Triumvirate Environmental, Inc., Astoria NY. Environmental service firm specializing in hazardous waste management and disposal. 
Co-lead of the Mount Sinai Medical Center support team located in Manhattan, NY. Assisted Environmental Health and Safety department manage and dispose chemical waste, conducted follow up laboratory audits, inspected main accumulation area, and responded to lab technician inquiries to ensure USEPA compliance. February 2015 to November 2015.

AmeriCorps Member (900 hours), American Conservation Experience (ACE), Asheville, NC and Flagstaff, AZ. Non-profit conservation organization that aims to maintain and restore the many National Forests, Parks, Wildlife Refuges, and other public lands throughout the United States
Conducted invasive species removal of salt cedar vegetation in Cibola National Wildlife Refuge, CA and Russian olive trees in Aztec Ruins National Monument, NM. Removed these foreign invaders that would otherwise out compete the native species and dangerously disrupt the ecosystem that they populate. June 2014 to December 2014.

Trial Preparation Assistant, Financial Frauds Bureau, formally known as the Special Prosecutions Bureau, New York County District Attorney’s Office, New York, NY. 
Worked alongside of assistant district attorneys and investigators in a white-collar crime investigation division. Gained valuable administrative and legal skills, such as organizing case files, analyzing excel spreadsheets, conducting background research on targets, interpreting relevant legal documents for cases (subpoena and affidavits materials), and working within a team setting. June 2013 to June 2014.

Additional Information

40-Hour OSHA, CPR, Wilderness First Aid. USEPA herbicide application and level A sawyer certified. 
Experienced with Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, Visio, and PowerPoint), GPS surveying, STATA software, Forest Vegetation Simulator (USFS), and GIS ArcMap. Knowledgeable on NEPA policy and environmental laws.

Program Area

Master of Forestry


environmental compliance
excel modeling
forest management
project management

Graduation Date

May 2018

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Preferred Sector

Federal Government
State / Local Government