McKenzie F. Johnson

McKenzie F. Johnson

McKenzie Johnson graduated from Vassar College with an AB in Environmental Studies (minor in Biology) and received an MA in Conservation Biology from Columbia University. From 2007-2010, McKenzie worked for the Wildlife Conservation Society in Afghanistan to assist the Government of Afghanistan in developing conservation policy. McKenzie began her Ph.D. in Environmental Policy at Duke in 2011. Her research focuses on the relationship between environmental governance, conflict, and peacebuilding. Her dissertation research examines environmental governance efforts across a continuum of conflict countries: Ghana (non-conflict country with ongoing localized conflict over high-value natural resources), Sierra Leone (post-conflict country where high-value natural resources played an important role in conflict), and Afghanistan (conflict country with high-value natural resource potential). McKenzie aims to better understand how improved environmental governance – especially institutional change – impacts possibilities for conflict management and/or peacebuilding. She recently completed fieldwork in Ghana, which was supported by a Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship. For AY2015-2016, McKenzie's research is supported by a USIP Peace Scholar Fellowship and a World Politics and Statecraft Fellowship from the Smith Richardson Foundation. 


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