David J. Kaczan

David J. Kaczan

PhD candidate David Kaczan is an economist with a focus on environmental, agricultural and resource policy in developing countries. He aims to improve our understanding of the relationship between development and land-use change (for instance, deforestation and agricultural development), and the institutions and incentives which mediate this relationship. Kaczan uses microeconomic theory, varied econometrics, quasi-experiments, GIS, site-specific field experiments, and interviews to test hypotheses and develop policy recommendations. He has a strong interest in interdisciplinary approaches towards environmental problems.

Kaczan's past and ongoing work includes research on the use of environmental payments to reduce deforestation Tanzania, design principles for environmental markets, the economics of fisheries management in the US, the prevalence of water-related poverty in West Africa, and the impacts of climate change on Australian agriculture, among others. He has a M.Sc (Agricultural and Resource Economics) from the University of Alberta, Canada, and a B.A (Economics) and B.Sc (Ecology, Environmental Geosciences) from the University of Adelaide, Australia.

website: www.davidkaczan.com


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Kaczan, D, and Ward, J. "Water statistics and poverty statistics in Africa: do they correlate at national scales?." Water International 36, no. 3 (May 2011): 283-294.

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