What is your previous work experience? 

Prior to joining the Duke Community, I did climate advocacy work in the non-profit sector for three years and private sector sustainability consulting for two years. 

Why did you choose the Nicholas School?

The Duke Community has always held a special place in my heart. Durham is my hometown and I have seen many colleagues, friends, and family members leave the University well equipped to achieve their aspirations. 

When deciding where to attend graduate school, my conversations with Nicholas School students, alumni, and faculty further assured me that the MEM program would advance my professional ambitions in the constantly evolving world of sustainability. 

What are you looking forward to as a new Nicholas School student?

At the Nicholas School, I am thrilled to be able to engage with other passionate and driven individuals who have dedicated their careers to addressing some of the most important issues of our generation.  The times where I have felt the most enjoyment from my accomplishments and most inspired from my failures were when I was able to share these moments with others. I look forward to getting to share my experience in graduate school with other students on similar paths as my own. 

Do you have any areas of interest or special focus you will undertake during your time at the Nicholas School?

While I was a consultant, I helped corporate clients set, implement, and achieve ambitious greenhouse gas emissions targets. Many clients set goals according to best practices standards, however, what is considered "best practice" is constantly shifting and requiring more ambition. I hope to support this mindset of constant evolution during my time at Duke, continuing to not only expect more from companies but also to help them figure out how to attain ambitious goals. 

What plans do you have for your career after the Nicholas School?

I hope to work for an organization disrupting business as usual in high-emitting industries through the integration of sustainability strategies and innovation. The private sector holds enormous potential to change the game in the fight against the climate crisis, but there is still much more work to be done!