What is your previous work experience?

My previous work experience is with environmental non-profits. I currently work as the development assistant at the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation in Durham, NC. Previously, I interned with the Sierra Club at both the national and Wisconsin chapters, gaining organization-level and grassroots perspectives. 

Why did you choose the Nicholas School?

I was drawn to the Nicholas School's interdisciplinary approach because the dual degree program allows me to combine my interests in environmental issues with my career aspirations of becoming an urban planner. While at the Nicholas School, I hope to bring a social science lens to the nexus of energy and the environment.  

What are you looking forward to as a new Nicholas School student?

Community is extremely important to me and I am looking forward to finding a community within the Nicholas School. To that end, I can't wait to meet students who are equally passionate about energy and environmental studies. I am also looking forward to learning from professors who are leaders in their fields. 

Do you have any areas of interest or special focus you will undertake during your time at the Nicholas School?

I am interested in the intersections of energy, policy, transportation, and land use. In particular, I am interested in how they impact marginalized communities, and how we can protect threatened communities from environmental and energy hazards. I am also excited to develop my technical skills, especially in geospatial analysis. 

What plans do you have for your career after the Nicholas School?

After graduating from Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill, I hope to work as an urban planner improving access to renewable energies, while balancing community needs. I am interested in careers in the private sector and local and regional government.