Aubrey Kirkpatrick

Aubrey Kirkpatrick

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Justin is a PhD student at Duke University in the UPEP Environmental Economics program, a PhD Fellow at the Duke University Energy Initiative, and an NBER Pre-Doctoral Fellow in Energy Economics. Justin's research interests center on economic analysis surrounding environmental regulation, policy, and markets. His current applied areas of interest focus on the cost of intermittent renewables on the US electricity grid and the effectiveness of energy storage at mitigating those costs. His other research interests include household renewable energy decisions, consumer perceptions of risk in the presence of fracking, and other energy-environment issues. Previously, Justin served as an economist at NOAA Fisheries' Northeast Fisheries Science Center where he led a team modeling the economic impact of offshore wind development on Atlantic (US) fisheries. He has also worked for the State of Rio de Janeiro, and as an environmental consultant.

Primary Field: Environmental Economics
Secondary Fields: Energy Economics, Industrial Organization, Econometrics


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