Binbin Li

Binbin Li

Binbin Li is a Ph.D student in Nicholas School of the Environment, working in species conservation and management of protected areas in China. She got her B.S in Life Sciences with a dual degree in Economics from Peking University in China. Binbin got her M.S in Natural Resources and Environment from University of Michigan. Her work covers the identification of conservation priority in China, giant panda conservation, Footprint Identification Technique for giant pandas, impacts of plantation on biodiversity in Southeast Asia, behavioral study. Through her extensive fieldwork on Tibetan plateau and southwestern mountains in China, she uses her photos and videos to show the beauty of the biodiversity that are hardly accessed by the public, deliver the love and concern for the nature, and the care for the locals. She hopes to combine the power of science and visuals to promote conservation. She is a signed nature photographer in Imaging Biodiversity Expedition. She is on the board of DukeSNAP (stories for nature and people).

Career Interests

Wildlife Conservation, Protected Area Management, Environmental Education, Eco-tourism

Employment Sought:
Permanent Position


University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources and Environment (Ann Arbor, MI)
Master of Science, Natural R

Professional Experience

World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Intern (Washington, D.C., U.S.) Jun 2012-Aug 2012

  •  Researched the livestock sectors in China and the US
  • Drafted a report illustrating pattern, economic growth, social drivers and environmental concerns for each meat product

Other Experience

University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources and Environment, Research Assistant and University Delegate (Ann Arbor, Michigan) Sep 2011-Present

  • Participated in the Distributed Graduate Research Seminar on "Dimensions of Biodiversity" a new Nation


Li, B, Belasen, A, Pafilis, P, Bednekoff, P, and Foufopoulos, J. "Effects of feral cats on the evolution of anti-predator behaviours in island reptiles: insights from an ancient introduction." Proceedings. Biological sciences 281, no. 1788 (August 2014): 20140339-.

Faculty Advisor(s)

Program Area

PhD program: Environment


citizen science
community-based management
cost-benefit analysis
environmental education
excel modeling
forest management
international development policy
presentation development
program management
project management
survey design

Graduation Date

May 2017