Mingyuhui (Jane) Liu

Mingyuhui (Jane) Liu

Career Interests

Data Analytics; Energy Analytics

Employment Sought:
Permanent Position


Nicholas School of the Environment
Duke University, Durham, NC
Concentration: Energy and Environment

Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU), China
Concentration in Energy, Power Systems, and Automation

Joint School of Sustainable Development
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong & Xi'an, China

Professional Experience

Statistic Intern, Cohort Effects on Attitudes and Behaviors; The Nature Conservancy; Durham, NC
Delivered statistical supports for Steering Committee on TNC’s Global City Program strategies focusing urban Millennials’ related program; Integrated and compiled socio-geographic and consumer behavior data for different cohorts from several survey datasets for 4 priority countries: U.S., China, Brazil and India; Created a scoring scale for pro-environment versus pro-economics to generate measurement index on the cohorts’ impact on individuals’ attitudes and behaviors; Used STATA to establish multi-level linear and logit models to compare pro-environmental level among different cohorts and living regions in US, using data from General Social Survey; Visualized results for the Steering Committee Meetings with STATA and Excel. Summer 2016
Project Management Assistant, Shenhua Wanzhou Power Plant; Chongqing, China
Assisted supervising several construction process, such as shipments of the water wall pipes; Conducted safety inspections on the constructing sites, such as the condensing tower, under the instructions from my supervisor. Summer 2014
Modeling Tools for Energy System Analysis (Uncertainty Analysis; System Dynamics; Excel)
Projected disaggregated electricity demand in residential, industrial, commercial and transportation modules in China; Used R to compile and slice residential expenditure data in terms of regions, income levels and weather indicators; Constructed regression models in R with one-way fixed effect and Engel index; Calculated energy intensities for 18 industrial sectors with historical value-added and power consumption data by regions
Exploring Emission Datasets from US and China (Python; Command Line; Matlab)
Compared emission data from global emission datasets ECLIPSE and EDGARS by sectors both statistically and visually with netCFD4 module and MatPlotLib in Python; Analyzed modeling methods and pre-assumptions of emission datasets ECLIPSE and EDGARS; Identified key assumptions that differ projections in the models by comparing projection results
Electricity Accessibility Indicators in Developing Nations (STATA; ANOVA)
Collected and compiled data for 12 key potential factors on electricity accessibility, in 89 developing countries using UN and World Bank database; Identified and examined significant factors for electricity accessibility with ANOVA in STATA.
Team Leader, Energy and Economic Effect of Geothermal System in Gross Hall (STATA; Excel; Regression)
Calculated the Cool Degree Days and Hot Degree Days to determine the efficient energy use in Gross Hall; Applied regressions to estimate the yearly energy use and total cost for the current energy system and a closed-loop geothermal system in Gross Hall with STATA; Calculated Net Present Value for the two plans for Gross Hall with Excel to identify the more efficient plan; Visualized the results with STATA and Excel and presented in a poster session in Gross Hall
Establishment of Green Growth Indicators in Hong Kong and Shaanxi for a 10-year Spectrum (Excel)      
Collected waste intensity data for Hong Kong and Shaanxi Province; Created a weighting scale for waste intensity and other 4 indicators, such as energy use intensity, to establish green growth indicators for both regions; Compared the results graphically and analyzed the tendency in terms of general policies from the two regions.
National 3rd Prize, Design of an Integrated Device Lamp Bulbs Containing Mercury (AutoCAD, Fluent)
Used AutoCAD to design a device for recycling lamp bulbs with Mercury; Calculated the economic and environmental 
impact or the device; Made a video to help present in the competition; Patented the device.

Optimization of Solar Drying System Applied in Brown Coal Power Plant, School of Energy and Power Engineering, XJTU
Briefly designed a brown coal power plant system with solar drying installation. Established exergy and energy models for a traditional brown coal power plant and a brown coal power plant equipped with solar drying system and compared models. October 2014 - June 2015

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Coal-fired Power Plants, School of Management, XJTU
Established the life cycle of an ultra super-critical (USC) coal-fired power plant in Chongqing according to the data collected, calculated its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with carbon footprint (CFP) knowledge. February 2014 - April 2015

Design of an Integrated Device for the Recycle of Energy Saving Lamp, XJTU Innovation Fund for Undergraduate Research Training and Practice, XJTU 
Designed integrated structures for the device and led the team to finish the market investigation. December 2013 - August 2014

Establishment of Monitoring Indicators for Green Growth in Hong Kong and Shaanxi Province, Taiwan Association of Low Carbon Society and Green Economy
According to OECD approach for framework of GGI (Green Growth Indicator), equally weighed the 5 assigned indicators in Shaanxi and Hong Kong to get the trend for GG (Green Growth) in Environmental and Resource Productivity and analysed the related policy influences. Worked with other 4 groups and briefly established the monitoring indicators for GG. July - August 2013                    

Other Experience

Global Citizenship Program 2013, XJTU-HKUST
Winner, Debating: Nuclear Power Plant Is Beneficial. Runner-up, Persuasive Presentation Competition “How to Make HKUST Greener” by applying the concept of Vertical Greening. Participant, Model Carbon Trading Competition. Visited power plants and town gas factories in Hong Kong and Shaanxi Province respectively, and paid an eco trip to Erdos (Inner Mongolia, China). June - Augut 2013

PC Project Department, Chongqing Shenhua Wanzhou Power Plant, Shenhua Industry, Management Section
Became familiar with construction procedures, project construction management and energy-saving technologies in the design and construction of the plant. January - March 2013

Chinese Academy of Sciences-Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Energy Strategy Research Center
Communicated and negotiated with manufactures about the construction and pricing of biofuel dryers especially dryers working below the acid dew point. July - August 2014

Additional Information

An Integrated Device for Energy Saving Lamp. (201420460262.1) Aug. 15th, 2014

Programming Language: C++, FORTRAN
Professional Software: MATLAB, AutoCAD, FLUENT
Language: English(Fluent), Mandarin(Native)
Office Software: Microsoft Word, Excel(Macro, VBA), Powerpoint

Patent/National Prize: An Integrated Device for Lamp Bulbs Containing Mercury. (201420460262.1) Aug. 15th, 2014;

MANAGEMENT TEAM: Duke Start-up Challenge (The Walla App), US, Spring 2016
Official & Scorekeeper: Duke University Intramural Sports, Durham, NC 2016-Present
Officiated Intramural Soccer Tournament; Scorekept in intramural Ultimate Frisbee, 8vs8 Flag Football, and Volleyball.
Volunteer: Duke Home Football Zero Waste, Durham, NC  Fall 2015
Educated audience and visitors for Duke home football games about the right classification of waste to help achieve zero waste; Helped guests to classify their waste to “compose”, “recycle” and “trash”.
Volunteer: Duke Farm Workday, Durham, NC  Fall 2015 
Helped Duke Farm make its own composed fertilizer; Helped harvested mushrooms from the mushroom clog.
Volunteer: Education Support for Lantian County, Shaanxi, China  Fall 2012
Tutored Mathematics and English for primary school student from a remote mountainous area- Lantian County.
Volunteer: Giant Panda Base, Chengdu, China 2007-2008
● Monitored and help feed the Giant Pandas and Red Pandas


business development
energy efficiency
environmental economics
excel modeling

Graduation Date

May 2017

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Business / Industry
Research Institute / Think Tank