Cassandra Nieman

Cassandra Nieman

Career Interests

Small-Scale Fisheries Management, Capacity Building, Community Engagement, and Coastal and Marine Debris Management
Employment Sought:


Master of Environmental Management, May 2019
Nicholas School of the Environment
Duke University, Durham, NC
Concentration: Coastal Environmental Management
Certificate: Community-Based Environmental Management
Bachelor of Science, May 2017
Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH
Major(s): Applied Biology
Minor(s): Spanish
Relevant Coursework: Tropical Ecology (Costa Rica), Resource & Environmental Economics, Statistics (R software), Community-Based Environmental Management, and Ocean & Coastal Law & Policy

Professional Experience

Lab Assistant, Duke University, Durham, NC, Abnormal Development/Ecotoxicology of Fishes
Exposes Japanese Medaka fish to macroplastic contaminants to observe physiological and behavioral responses and apply observations to impacts of oceanic plastic pollution on fish populations. Analyzes video of plastic exposure trials to identify trends through cleaning and organizing data in Excel and manipulating in R. Fall 2017-Spring 2018
Methods of Biological Research – Senior thesis, Xavier University, Cincinnati
Collaborated on an investigation of the effects of stream health on salamander population size. Performed literature review, surveyed stream water quality, demonstrated field capture techniques, and tracked salamanders in order to determine stream health and estimate population sizes. Organized data and concluded more degraded streams will be observed in the future in order to more accurately determine the relationship between stream health and salamander population size. Fall 2016-Spring 2017 
Terrestrial Husbandry Intern, Newport Aquarium, Newport, KY
Maintained clean exhibits, fed, and performed enrichment for the reptiles and amphibians of the aquarium to promote a high quality of life. Observed and assisted supervising veterinarians with Vitamin B testing of tortoises and measurement of weight and growth rates in sea turtles. Summer 2015

Additional Information

Volunteer: Hope Animal Rescue, Durham, NC Dog Foster

Technical Skills: Laboratory - fish colony maintenance, gel electrophoresis, bacterial cultures, titrations, gas and liquid chromatography, PCR, restriction enzyme use, microscope operation, vertebrate and invertebrate dissection, and tree identification.

Software - Microsoft Excel and RStudio


community-based management
environmental economics
fisheries science and policy
sustainable seafood

Graduation Date

May 2019

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Preferred Sector

Non-profit / NGO