Oshin Paranjape

Oshin Paranjape

Career Interests

Urban Water Resources Management, Pluvial Flood Modeling  Water Quality Management, Watershed Planning, Geospatial Analysis 
Employment Sought:
Permanent Position


Master of Environmental Management, May 2018
Nicholas School of the Environment
Duke University, Durham, NC
Concentration: Ecosystem Science and Conservation
Certificate: Geospatial Analysis
Bachelor of Science, with honors, May 2015
St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, New Delhi
Major: Chemistry

Professional Experience

Student Consultant for National Institute of Standards and Technology, Duke University, Durham, NC
Client based Master’s Project: Strategic Planning for Industrial Water in the United States. Collected data on annual industrial water withdrawals, discharges, and facility names for Texas and North Carolina. Co-designed tools for visualizing the trends in industrial water consumption in selected states and the impact of industries in some critical watersheds in the two states. (2017-2018) 
Research Assistant, Duke University, Durham, NC 
Reviewed literature on aquaculture water consumption in the coastal counties in North Carolina. Created maps in ArcMap to showcase trends in aquaculture water use for selected counties. (2017-2018)
 Atlantic Coast Pipeline Intern, Clean Water for North Carolina, Durham, NC
Researched key safety issues for advocacy about impacts of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Created maps in ArcMap to showcase the range of safety threats of the pipeline. Researched and mapped impacts of the pipeline on surface water bodies and wetlands. (2017)
Paint Department Intern, Honda Cars India Limited, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Analyzed the efficiency of processes employed for the painting of cars. Visited Transport, Storage and Disposal Facilities to study the management and treatment of hazardous industrial waste. Participated in the Natural Resource Conservation Project for water reduction. (2014)
Volunteer, Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi, India 
Audited and assessed a particular area in New Delhi and came up with a small scale model of a “Smart City” for that area, as part of the summer certificate course titled ‘Agenda for Survival’. Co-authored, designed and published a magazine titled “Footprints” as well as a website summarizing the experiences gained during the month-long course.  (2015)

Additional Information

Seeking Geospatial Analysis Certificate, ArcMap, Python, R, Matlab, MS Excel, MS Access 
Secretary, Duke Water Network
Received an Honorarium Payment for speaking at the Regional Summit on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline 
Speaks Enlish, Hindi, and Marathi
My Graduate School experience has enabled me to acquire a myriad of technical skills such as Geospatial Analysis, Data Analysis, and Hydrologic Modeling, which would make a good candidate for a technical intensive  type of job


excel modeling
water resources management

Graduation Date

May 2018

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Preferred Sector

Business / Industry
Non-profit / NGO
Research Institute / Think Tank