Allison Phillips

Allison Phillips


Allison received a B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Puget Sound in 2012. She worked at SomaLogic, LLC, a biotechnology startup company in Boulder, CO before coming to Duke in 2014. Allison aspires towards a career at the intersection of science


Hoffman, K, Hammel, SC, Phillips, AL, Lorenzo, AM, Chen, A, Calafat, AM, Ye, X, Webster, TF, and Stapleton, HM. "Biomarkers of exposure to SVOCs in children and their demographic associations: The TESIE Study." Environment International 119 (October 2018): 26-36.

Phillips, AL, Hammel, SC, Hoffman, K, Lorenzo, AM, Chen, A, Webster, TF, and Stapleton, HM. "Children's residential exposure to organophosphate ester flame retardants and plasticizers: Investigating exposure pathways in the TESIE study." Environment International 116 (July 2018): 176-185.

Hammel, SC, Hoffman, K, Lorenzo, AM, Chen, A, Phillips, AL, Butt, CM, Sosa, JA, Webster, TF, and Stapleton, HM. "Associations between flame retardant applications in furniture foam, house dust levels, and residents' serum levels." Environment International 107 (October 2017): 181-189.

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PhD program: Environment

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citizen science
environmental education
environmental health
public health