Ian James Powers

Ian James Powers

I am a returned peace corps volunteer and a graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University. I have experience working alone and in groups conducting research in offices, landscaping and performing pest control in the field, and organizing and managing individuals and community organizations.

Career Interests

Urban Ecology, Sustainable Development, Community-Based Management, Fieldwork, Research
Employment Sought:


Bachelor of Arts, April, 2014
Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL
Majors: Environmental Studies – General Studies, Political Science;
GPA: 3.45/4.00 GRE: Verbal Reasoning: 166; Quantitative Reasoning: 161

Professional Experience

Peace Corps Volunteer, Perú 25, Community-Based Environmental Management 
Introduced a system of trash segregation into the local school system and taught the students and teachers how and why to do so correctly. Introduced a system of recycling collection to the town of Ricrán and managed the sale of said recyclables. Worked with the municipality to rebuild and improve upon the municipal tree nursery so that it would be cheap and easy to continue in the future. Taught basic English in the local primary school. Acted as an informal ambassador of American culture to Peruvians and of Peruvian culture to Americans. May 2015 – July 2017
Natural Resource Management Seasonal Worker, Will County Forest Preserve District, Joliet, IL
Collected, cleaned, and planted native seeds. Removed invasive species through hand-pulling, clipping, brush-cutting, chain-sawing, applying herbicide, and controlled burns. Maintained and used a variety of equipment and supplies for landscaping. Winter 2014 – 2015
Field Inspection Technician, Clarke Environmental Mosquito Services, Roselle, IL 
Inspected sites throughout the North-Northwest Chicago suburbs for mosquito larvae. Collected and assessed water samples for presence and concentration of mosquito larvae. Determined whether to apply larvicide and in what concentrations. Summer 2014
IWU Capstone/Senior Seminar Course, Bloomington, IL 
Conducted extensive research on the economic viability of using different types of permeable paving in the city of Bloomington, IL and presented this to the leadership of the Public Works Department in a formal report. Conducted extensive research on the reasons why states cooperate over the use of transboundary freshwater resources and presented this in a formal report. Fall semester 2013
Research Intern, Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research, Iowa City, IA  
Designed and wrote a comprehensive 30 question survey that was used to learn why Watershed Management Authority members have begun forming and joining WMAs in recent years. Collected and organized weather records and data from across the state of Iowa to build an interactive historical extreme weather map of the state. Summer 2013
Research and Study Abroad, SIT Program, Australia: Rainforest, Reef, and Cultural Ecology  
Designed, implemented, analyzed, and compiled a report on a survey of the bird population of Cairns, Australia. Conducted a population survey of specific fish species amongst the coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, specifically at the Lizard Island Research Station, that culminated in a research report. Conducted a group survey on the platypus population of Petersons Creek in Yungaburra, Australia. Conducted research and compiled reports on the genus Eucalyptus and on Australian possums. Spring semester 2013
Researcher, IWU Action Research Center, Bloomington, IL 
Conducted research into the local Promise Pack Program, a system of providing impoverished students with food and hygiene products to take home, and how it could be expanded to more schools. Fall 2012


community-based management
project management
volunteer management

Graduation Date

May 2019



Preferred Location


Preferred Sector

Federal Government
Non-profit / NGO
Research Institute / Think Tank
State / Local Government