Alexie N. Rudman

Alexie N. Rudman

Career Interests

Marine Conservation Research and Management Environmental Advocacy Social Justice Community Outreach and Planning Climate Adaptation for Coastal Communities
Employment Sought:


Masters of Environmental Management, May 2019
Nicholas School of the Environment
Duke University, Durham, NC
Concentration in Community-Based Environmental Management
Bachelor of Arts, June 2015
McGill University, Montreal
International Development Studies, focus on Sustainability
Minors: Environment, Spanish Language
CGPA 3.52
Independent Study, May 2014
University of Hawaii, Manoa
Marine Conservation & Anthropology
CGPA 3.88

Professional Experience

Assistantship, Duke Lemur Center, Durham, NC 
Creating a visual survey to gather baseline data on environmental perceptions among students in the SAVA region of Madagascar and to inform future environmental projects and initiatives in the region. Conducting literature reviews and translating survey materials and lesson plans from English to French in order to aid in the dissemination of information. Acting as a French liaison between the Duke Lemur Center and a team of environmental educators on the ground to assist with project implementation and address communication barriers. 9/2017 - Current
Environmental Education Internship, Westport River Watershed Alliance Westport, MA
Researched, created, and presented lesson plans on various natural science and marine ecology topics as part of the Watershed Summer Education Program in an effort to promote an appreciation and awareness of environmental systems to children ages 6 through 16. Accompanied students into the Westport River to capture organisms for observation, utilizing tools and methods such as examination through microscopes, team problem-solving scenarios, and art projects, to fortify lesson plans. Assisted Education Director with indoor school programs and outdoor field studies to carry out thoughtful and comprehensive presentations on an array of subjects such as endangered species, local threats to biodiversity, and the role of wetlands. Carried-out water quality monitoring and soil sampling on the Westport River. 5/2017- 8/2017
Field Work Borderless World Volunteers, McGill University NGO, Montreal, QC 
Thoroughly researched, designed, and implemented a socio-environmental sustainability project in San Gerardo de Rivas, Costa Rica. The Objective entailed reducing significant agricultural waste in the region by providing local women with the opportunity to recycle this waste in the production of salsa conserves to be sold regionally. Collaborated with local stakeholders and directed a workshop on recycling excess materials and creating conserves, in an effort to promote sustainable practices and enhance food security in the region. Researched, created, and conducted a socio-environmental survey to document agricultural practices, environmental conceptions, effects of eco-tourism in the region so as to assess governmental accountability to needs of local populations. Results were provided to a local nature reserve in order to inform community involvement initiatives. Assisted in environmental education initiatives, focusing on environmental awareness and plant diversity through tree-planting activities on behalf of Cloudbridge Nature Reserve for visiting children’s summer camps. Documented regional flora and fauna to monitor biodiversity activity in the reserve. Created a report on project processes and observations with findings to be used in project evaluation and in carrying out and informing projects of similar scope. Translated all documents from English to Spanish so as to increase accessibility of information. 10/2014 - 8/15/2015
Research, Translation, Administrative Work, Eployment Inc., Montreal, QC 
Compiled data, created reports and presentations relating to Information Technology so as to have them presented to delegates and business partners. Communicated with a variety of institutions and individuals to organize corporate meetings and events. Translated documents from English to French, and communicated with French clientele in order to accommodate needs of clientele. 06/2014 - 06/2015

Additional Information

Skills: -Fluency in French, Spanish, and English -Social Survey Skills -Art and design skills

Software: Microsoft Applications incl. Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

Certifications: -Community-Based Environmental Management Certificate 2019 -PADI Open Water 2014 -Art Training Certificate (Rhode Island School of Design) 2011


community-based management
international development policy
project management
stakeholder engagement
survey design

Graduation Date

May 2019

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Federal Government
Non-profit / NGO
State / Local Government