Wout P. Salenbien

Wout P. Salenbien

My main interest is how climate, the physical environment, biota and thus ultimately system Earth has changed through time and what these observed changes can tell us. Currently I am focusing on the neotropical forests of Peru & Brazil and Lake Titicaca. I am interested in tracking sediment provenance areas and depositional environments in outcrops throughout the Peruvian lowlands to track the changes in drainage and paleoenvironment for key periods in Earth's history, such as the Miocene.


2013 – Present    Duke University: PhD in Earth and Ocean Sciences

2011 – 2013     Ghent University: MSc in Geology, Major Basin Dynamics

2011-2012 Erasmus Exchange Studies; University of Tromsø, Norway

Master’s Thesis; ‘Unraveling the nature of calcareo


EGGER, LM, AMBERG, C, VANDENBROUCKE, TR, MUNNECKE, A, SALENBIEN, W, COLLART, T, NIELSEN, AT, and HAMMER, Ø. "Primary or diagenetic rhythms? Geochemical investigations on limestone–marl couplets from the Late Ordovician Skogerholmen Formation (Hovedøya Island, southern Norway)." Lund, Sweden, 9–19 June 2013 (2013): 90-90. (Academic Article)
Van Bocxlaer, B, Salenbien, W, Praet, N, and Verniers, J. "Stratigraphy and paleoenvironments of the early to middle Holocene Chipalamawamba Beds(Malawi Basin, Africa)." Biogeosciences 9 (2012): 4497-4512. (Academic Article)
AMBERG, C, COLLART, T, SALENBIEN, W, RA, T, VANDENBROUCKE, LM, MUNNECKE, A, NIELSEN, AT, HAMMER, Ø, and VERNIERS, J. "The nature of Ordovician limestone–mudstone alternations in the Oslo-Asker area (Norway): Primary or diagenetic rhythms?." Lund, Sweden, 9–19 June 2013: 25-25. (Academic Article)

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Graduation Date

May 2018