Tao Tang

Tao Tang

I joined the division of Earth and Ocean Sciences in the Nicholas School as a PhD student in the fall of 2014, working with Prof. D. Shindell. My research interests include climate change, atmospheric sciences, hydrology and hydroclimatology. My PhD project explores the effects of aerosols on regional climate by using the output of Precipitation Driver and Response Model Inter-comparison Project (PDRMIP) models. This suit of models perform perturbations of greenhouse gas, aerosols and solar insolation, which allows us to examine the climate response to each climate driver individually. I am currently working on regional temperature and precipitation responses to these drivers, as well as comparison of global effective radiation forcing diagnosed from these models. 


Tang, T, Li, W, and Sun, G. "Impact of two different types of El Niño events on runoff over the conterminous United States." Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 20, no. 1 (2016): 27-37.

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