Faraz Usmani

Faraz Usmani

I am an environmental economist, specializing in the economics of energy access and international development. In addition to being a PhD candidate in the Duke University Program in Environmental Policy, I am a Doctoral Student Fellow at the Duke University Energy Initiative, and a Doctoral Scholar at the Duke Global Health Institute. I also help coordinate the Global Energy Access Network and the Global Environmental Health & Energy working group.


Van Houtven, GL, Pattanayak, SK, Usmani, F, and Yang, J-C. "What are Households Willing to Pay for Improved Water Access? Results from a Meta-Analysis." Ecological Economics 136 (June 2017): 126-135.
Usmani, F, Steele, J, and Jeuland, M. "Can economic incentives enhance adoption and use of a household energy technology? Evidence from a pilot study in Cambodia." Environmental Research Letters 12, no. 3 (March 1, 2017): 035009-035009.

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