Edgar Virguez Rodriguez

Edgar Virguez Rodriguez

Doctoral student at Duke University in the Environmental Sciences and Policy program at the Nicholas School of the Environment. Master in Science in Environmental Engineering, with BSc. studies in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering (double major) from Universidad de los Andes.

Experience on life cycle analysis of environmental problems, integration of new fuels to energy markets, risk assessment of exposure to air pollutants and construction of mitigation strategies for environmental issues. Skilled in oral and written communications, adapting to multicultural environments, developing multiple tasks and administering academic processes.

Research interests: Renewable Energy; Clean Energy; Air Quality; Climate Change; Risk Analysis; Environmental Mitigation Strategies.

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Valenzuela, MM, Espinosa, M, Virgüez, EA, and Behrentz, E. "Uncertainty of greenhouse gas emission models: A case in Colombia's transport sector." January 1, 2017.
Rodríguez, RA, Virguez, EA, Rodríguez, PA, and Behrentz, E. "Influence of driving patterns on vehicle emissions: A case study for Latin American cities." Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 43 (March 2016): 192-206.
Amaya, R, Gutiérrez, A, Virgüez, A, and Muñoz, F. "Experiencia de la Universidad de los Andes, enseñando seguridad de procesos." January 1, 2014.
Fischer, K, Virguez, E, Sánchez-Silva, M, and Faber, MH. "On the assessment of marginal life saving costs for risk acceptance criteria." Structural Safety 44 (September 2013): 37-46.
Faber, MH, and Virguez-Rodriguez, E. "Supporting decisions on global health and life safety investments." December 1, 2011.

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PhD program: Environment

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