Nathan Walker

Nathan Walker

I am a certified GIS Professional with more than 5 years of experience in spatial analysis, landscape ecology, cartography, and conservation policy. I have worked on issues related to energy development, forest management, mining, shipping, and climate change, while dealing with a wide range of species and ecosystems. I am committed to broadly collaborative science-based conservation, and am seeking a career related to science, geospatial analysis, and policy.

Career Interests

Habitat and Species Conservation, Geospatial Analysis, Landscape Ecology, Species Distrubution Modeling, Connectivity Analysis, Conservation Planning, Protected Areas Management

Employment Sought:
Permanent Position


Nicholas School of the Environment
Duke University, Durham, NC
Ecosystem Science and Conservation
Coursework in species distribution modeling; landscape ecology, analysis and management; advanced geospatial analysis; remote sensing; environmental law, economics, and policy
Master’s Project: Improved connectivity analysis using multiple low cost paths to evaluate habitat for the endangered San Martin titi monkey (Callicebus oenanthe) in north-central Peru
Portland Community College, Portland, OR
Coursework in databases, programming, web design, and technical/professional writing
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOLOGY (Highest Honors), June 2006
BACHELOR OF ARTS IN LITERATURE (Highest Honors), June 2006
University of California at Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA

Minor in Language Studies, GPA: 3.89
Spent semesters studying languages in France (Fall 2004) and Mexico (Winter 2006)

Professional Experience

GIS Biologist, Audubon Alaska
Used advanced spatial analyses and models to map priority areas for birds, marine mammals, caribou, fish, and key forest types, and to identify threats from logging, energy development, mining, shipping, and climate change. Programmed decision support tools to assist with land management decisions; designed interactive maps and tools to represent and analyze data. Created a variety of hard-copy maps, webmaps, presentations, and animations to inform decision-makers and the public on conservation priorities and threats; supported legislative, administrative, and legal efforts to protect priority landscapes. Dec 2010-July 2015

Cartographic Technician, Mesa Verde National Park
Created maps representing park infrastructure, natural resources, and archaeological sites, to support land use planning, fire response, staff orientation, and visitor education. Organized large amounts of natural resource data from relational databases, scanned records, and GPS data into geodatabases; wrote detailed metadata and documentation on data sources and processing steps. Collected and processed GPS data, trained field crews in use of GPS and GIS. Sept 2008 - Nov 2010.

Other Experience

Biological Science Technician, Voyageurs National Park
Aided in wildlife research, including beaver trapping, invertebrate sampling, and cormorant telemetry, as well as moose, sturgeon, loon, and eagle-related research projects. Conducted wildlife movement and habitat analyses and produced maps to assist with wildlife research projects. May - Sept 2010

Biological Science Technician, Rock Creek Park
Mapped invasive vegetation and park boundary encroachments using GPS and legal land descriptions; radio-tracked eastern box turtles; conducted plant and wildlife monitoring. Used ArcMap to produce maps for natural resources staff and other park personnel. May - Sept 2009

Biological Science Technician, Mesa Verde National Park
Surveyed for and removed non-native plants; produced maps of invasive species treatments. Assisted with surveys for birds, bats, and rare plants; restored native vegetation. April - Sept 2008

Burn Crew Member, The Nature Conservancy of Missouri
Prepared and implemented prescribed burns using drip torches, hand tools, and ATVs. February - April 2008

Biological Science Technician, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
Mapped lakeshore vegetation, habitats, and threatened plant abundance using GPS/GIS. Conducted monitoring and surveys for piping plovers; restored disturbed areas and removed exotic plants. May - Sept 2007 

Border Impacts Intern, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
Used GPS to map off-road vehicle trails and impacts; restored endangered species habitat; aided in vegetation and wildlife surveys; produced maps and reports documenting impacts. Nov 2006-May 2007

Native Plant Propagation Intern, North Cascades National Park
Conducted plant restoration (seed collection and processing, work in native plant nursery, backcountry planting) and exotic plant removal; supervised high school and junior high volunteers. June - Nov 2006

Additional Information

Proficient in Spanish and French 
Studied Spanish in Costa Rica/Nicaragua (2010) and Chile (2014), French in Quebec (2007) and France (2013), and Japanese in Tokyo (2009).

Professional Skills
Geospatial: ArcMap, ArcScene, and extensions; ArcGIS Online, ENVI
Programming and Web Design: Python, R, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Adobe Creative Suite: InDesign, Acrobat, PhotoShop, Illustrator
Microsoft Office Suite: Microsoft Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint
Other Software: EndNote, MaxEnt, Prezi, Google Earth


Certified GIS Professional, GIS Certification Institute (September 2014)
Phi Beta Kappa Academic Honor Society (2006-Present)
Society for Conservation GIS (2012-Present)
Alaska Arc User Group (2011-2015)

Student Organizations:
Secretary for the Nicholas School Student Council, President of the Student Association for Geospatial Analysis, and Event Planner for the Duke Conservation Society.
Planned professional events to connect students with practicing conservation professionals; arranged logistics, coordinated with speakers, helped to manage budgets and funding requests.

Alumni Council Fellow
Selected by Alumni Council for demonstrated conservation commitment and future career promise.
Developed proposal for new alumni mentor program for the Nicholas School, collaborating closely with two other Fellows; conducted literature review, interviews, and focus groups to research program.
Teaching Assistant: Advanced Geospatial Analysis, GIS Field Skills, Land Conservation in Practice



Graduation Date

May 2017

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