Sumin Wang

Sumin Wang

Career Interests

Consulting, Energy Access, Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy Finance, Project Development
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Master of Environmental Management
Nicholas School of the Environment
Duke University, Durham, NC
Certificate: Energy & the Environment
Bachelor of Science
University of California, San Diego
Major: Management Science and Earth Sciences

Professional Experience

Graduate Student Researcher, Sustainable Energy Transition Initiative, Duke University 
Conduct systematic literature reviews and coded 4400 papers on energy in the developing world. Research on off-grid solar and microgrids in East Africa to explore financial vehicles and policy solutions to facilitate the process of providing clean energy to people without access to electricity. 09/2017–present
Marketing Intern, ArtPower, UCSD 
Designed marketing materials to advertise 38 events in performing arts and films with a team of 7 interns. Communicated with the audience and collected survey responses to evaluate the effectiveness of current marketing strategies and recommend future solutions. 09/2016–06/2017
Research Assistant, Dept of Family Medicine and Public Health, UCSD 
Gathered and analyzed national marijuana store data on Stata and ArcGIS to find correlations between marijuana-related policies and marijuana usage in the United States. Assisted Dr. Yuyan Shi in a publication on Drug & Alcohol Dependence that gets cited by 9 subsequent papers, resulting in a better understanding of the impacts of medical marijuana policies. 11/2015–01/2017
Undergraduate Researcher, Department of Economics, UCSD 
Constructed economic models on Stata and Matlab to illustrate the effects of a carbon tax, improvements in energy efficiency, transition to renewable fuels and adoption of carbon capture technology on cement prices. Presented research result that a carbon tax can provide motivations for cement industries to lower cost and achieve higher efficiency at Frontiers of Innovation Scholars Program (FISP) Symposium in October 2016. 01/2016–10/2016
Account & Research Analyst, The America Advertising Federation at UCSD 
Created a marketing and advertising campaign for Mary Kay Inc. in the National Student Advertising Competition with 17 teammates, and won the third place in regional competition. Collected more than 1200 customer responses in client’s survey to find out that Mary Kay Inc. did not accurately target its products to the millennial generation, and recommended Mary Kay Inc. with solutions. 10/2013–06/2014

Additional Information

Software Skills: Excel, Stata, Python, ArcGIS, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Lightroom)

Presentation: Reducing CO2 Emission from Cement Production, FISP Symposium 2016

Assisted Publication: Shi, Yuyan. Medical Marijuana Policies and Hospitalizations Related to Marijuana and Opioid Pain Reliever. Drug & Alcohol Dependence. 173(2017) 144-150.

Honors: Summa Cum Laude, Jul 2017, UC San Diego Provost Honor, Fall 2013- Spring 2017, UC San Diego Outstanding Earth Science Undergraduate Award for 2016-17, Scripps Institution of Oceanography


energy efficiency
excel modeling

Graduation Date

May 2019

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Business / Industry
Non-profit / NGO
Research Institute / Think Tank