Daniella Williams

Daniella Williams

Career Interests

Sustainable seafood; food systems; international and local seafood production; facilitation and conflict resolution

Employment Sought:
Permanent Position



Nicholas School of the Environment

Duke University,, Durham, NC

Coastal Environmental Management

Certificates: Community-Based Environmental Management; International Development Policy

Masters Project: Innovative Ideas for the Challenges Fishermen Face Selling their Catch from Boat-To-Fork

Coursework: Survey Analysis, Conflict Resolution, Governing the Commons, Marine Planning; International Conservation & Development, Urban Ecology (Singapore), Marine Conservation (Hawaii), Biological Oceanography Lab, Fisheries Policy, Marine Conservation: aquaculture, energy, mammals, invasive species



University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

Environmental Science Ecosystems

Research Project: Ecology of First-Order Streams Surrounding Great Bay Estuary

Coursework: Aquaculture/Lab, Biostatistics, Water Chemistry, Aquatic Ecosystems, Community Ecology, Environmental Pollution & Protection, Field Skills

International Study: Mediterranean Ecosystems for 3 months in Syracusa, Sicily

Professional Experience

Eastern Maine Fisheries Asset Mapping Project Intern

Penobscot East Resource Center, Stonington, ME  05/2016 - 07/2016

Designed a coding structure and analyzed text from interview transcripts to create an asset map of eastern Maine through NVivo qualitative data-analysis software to highlight social, political and knowledge assets to leverage the development of ecosystem-based co-management of fisheries.


Community Food Strategies Assessment Member: North Carolina Food Policy Councils

Center for Environmental Farming Systems, Raleigh, NC / Duke Nicholas School | 01/2016 - 05/2016

•Synthesized Baseline Assessment data for 7 NC Food Policy Councils and compared these to the Results-Based Accountability facilitation process results, to be included in the Baseline Assessment Toolkit being put forth by Community Food Strategies.

•Evaluated the baseline assessment and integrated participant feedback to provide recommendations for Community Food Strategies on the food systems story of the state and the triangle region.

•Aided in facilitating the Results-Based Accountability process for the Down East Regional Gathering and the Chatham County Food Policy Council.


Local Catch Steering Committee Assistant

LocalCatch.org | 08/2015 - 03/2016

•Successfully spearheaded the Seafood Showcase & Dinner Reception, an event showcasing four celebrity chefs preparing fish caught by fishermen involved in direct marketing arrangements, for the 2016 Local Seafood Summit in Norfolk, Virginia.


NRCS / Soil Conservation District Member

Community Action Committee, Knoxville, TN | 08/2013 - 07/2014

•Created conservation plans for agricultural land-owners entering cost-share programs using ArcMap.

•Led planning and collaboration of local government, non-profits and community members for a showcase event for a septic-repair project that significantly reduced levels of E. coli in the watershed.

•Designed interactive web pages, brochures, learning materials, and a 4th-5th grade curriculum to enhance the education efforts surrounding local farming.

•Conducted stream-bank surveys with Soil Conservationists, benthic surveys and macroinvertebrate counts with Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation, fish relocation with the University of Tennessee: Knoxville, and visual stream assessments including riparian zone and canopy cover rating with mapping on a Trimble for Knox County Stormwater.

•Engaged over 350 community members and students through a presentation using the EnviroScape watershed model to discuss local farming, soil health, watersheds, pollution sources and negative impacts to aquatic life.


Water Quality Volunteer 

Mystic Aquarium Mystic, CT | 12/2012 - 08/2013

•Collected 25 tank samples weekly to measure for pH, salinity, phosphate, chlorine, ammonia/ nitrate/ nitrite levels, total alkalinity and calcium hardness through titration, fecal coliform counts through vacuum filtration, and monitored ozone levels through use of a colorimeter.


Hair Discovery Intern

Living Proof, Inc. Cambridge, MA | 06/2012 - 08/2012

•Led the research and chemistry behind a potential hair product in collaboration with the Vice President of Hair Discovery, reporting weekly to the research team, and preparing a final presentation to allow for ongoing work after internship completion.


NH Water Resources Research Center Laboratory Assistant

University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH | 02/2010- 05/2012

•Collaborated with lab technicians and Masters/PhD candidates in measuring general lab samples for various nutrient levels, dissolved oxygen and suspended solids through analytical instruments such as a Chemistry Analyzer, HPLC, Autoclave, and TOC-V CSH with TN1 and ASI-V Auto-sampler.

•Conducted field work using a YSI meter to gather basic water quality parameters while following SOPs and collecting grab samples.

Additional Information

Technical Skills: Qualtrics, NVivo, STATA, ArcGIS

Student Groups: Duke Fish, Ocean Policy Working Group, The Coastal Society, Working Group on the Environment in Latin America

Awards: Recipient, David Brower Fund


community-based management
fisheries science and policy
program management
stakeholder engagement
sustainable seafood

Graduation Date

May 2017

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Preferred Sector

Non-profit / NGO
State / Local Government