200-499 (Undergraduate) level Courses

Remember that up to 6 credits of 200-499 undergraduate level courses (400-level at UNC and NCSU) can be counted as general electives toward the 48 credits required for the MEM or MF degrees, with advisor approval. Note that undergraduate courses are tallied in “units” and 1 unit=3 credits (for graduate and professional students).The main purpose of allowing some 200-499 level credits to count is to allow you to take courses in subjects that complement your main interests, but for which you don't have the prerequisites to take graduate courses (e.g., computer science, engineering). In addition, sometimes there isn't a comparable graduate course in a particular area of interest. 

You are not allowed to use undergraduate courses when there is a comparable graduate course that you are qualified to take (e.g., ENV 212, U.S. Env. Policy shouldn't be taken instead of a graduate policy course - LAW 235 Env. Law is the closest in content). Similarly, undergraduate courses should not generally be used to satisfy graduate program requirements (e.g., core, tools and specialization courses).