Undergraduate (below 500) Level Courses

Courses below the 500 level may not be applied toward the required credits needed for a post-baccalaureate degree. MEM and MF students wishing to take courses below the 500-level may do so but courses below the 500-level do not count towards the degree nor can they be used to fulfill program requirements. Students must be enrolled in a full course load (at least 9 credits for on-campus students) before adding a course below 500-level. Students who choose to take a course below 500 may do so for a grade in order to demonstrate to a potential employer the extent of their knowledge acquired in a particular course, but the course will not count towards the degree requirements.

Students wishing to audit a course may do so provided the instructor grants consent on a permission to audit form.

If there are paired courses in which there is an undergraduate version and a graduate version, the MEM or MF student must enroll using the graduate-level course number (numbered higher than 500, usually numbered 700 or above).