UNC & NCSU Courses - Fall 2017


updated 9/5/17

Here are some courses that might be of interest among Nicholas School students. This is not an exhaustive list. We have suggested some places to look for additional courses. It would be prudent to check on prerequisites and level of presentation before committing yourself. Also, check to make sure you are not duplicating a course you've already taken at Duke. (Remember that you can count up to 6 credits of 200-499-level courses [at UNC and NCSU 400-level] toward your 48 units.)

You may find that some of these classes are already full. They are included here so that you’ll be alerted to look for them again in the future.

UNC classes start on Tuesday, August 22, 2017
NCSU classes start on Wednesday, August 16, 2017


ANTH 703 Evolution/Ecology

BIOL 201 Ecology & Evolution
BIOL 350 Oceanography

ENVR 411 Lab Tech & Fld Meas
ENVR 413 Limnology
ENVR 417 Oceanography
ENVR 419 Chemical Equilibria in Natural Waters
ENVR 430 Health Effects of Env Agents
ENVR 442 Biochemical Toxicology
ENVR 453 Groundwater Hydrol
ENVR 585 American Env Policy (overlaps with ENVIRON 577 & LAW 235 at Duke)
ENVR 600 Environmental Health
ENVR 675 Air Pollution, Chem & Physics
ENVR 732 Health Effects of Outdoor & Indoor Air Pollution
ENVR 755 Water Resources Systems

EPID 600 Principles of Epidemiology

GEOG 440 Earth Surface Processes
GEOG 444 Landscape Biogeography

LAW 241 Environmental Law

PLAN 641 Ecology/Land Use Plan
PLAN 710 Microec Pln and Pol
PLAN 724 Intro Law for Planners
PLAN 740 Land Use and Environmental Policy (similar to ENVIRON 550 (285))
PLAN 752 Project & Site Planning
PLAN 755 Nat Hazard & Climate Change
PLAN 765 Real Estate Dev
PLAN 773 Urban Regional Development Seminar
Look at other PLAN courses for policy and urban planning

PUBA 756 Nonprofit Management
PUBA 768 Mediation Skills

For more information on UNC courses, visit http://unc.coursicle.com