Client-centered Group Master's Projects

Welcome to the site describing past, current, and future Client-Centered Group Master's Projects at the Nicholas School. Each of these projects could involve 3-5 students from one or more program areas and would be supervised by one, or possibly two, NSOE faculty. The projects address a problem provided by a "real-world" client. Students can gain a more detailed understanding of expectations and schedule for Group MPs by visiting the application page.

The WordPress site for completed and current client-centered group master's projects can be found on the NSOE Client-Centered Group Masters Projects site.

For current students who will present at the Masters Symposium a with a client-centered MP group, the process to apply is described here. Students will see a final list of projects in the very early days of January of their first year, and will have about 3 weeks to review them and apply to up to three projects of their choosing. The application will ask many questions to determine the right team mix for the client and project. The deadlines for submission of a solo project idea and for application to a group MP are identical. Students will be notified by late February about team placement, and the newly formed teams will get to know their client and prepare a draft proposal in March and April. Again, those draft proposals will be due to Enrollment Services on the same schedule as solo MPs.

This process is managed by Charlotte Clark, and any questions should be directed to her, or to administrative manager, Melissa Adragna. We are working to put some initial information together on potential projects to be available in January, and will provide a Wordpress site for this review.