Exemplary Master's Projects (2017)

Below are examples of Master's Projects most recently completed by MEM/MF students. Click here to browse all past MPs by author, date, subject, and more.


Author(s) Concentration Title
Dennis Bartlett
Ted Herman
Andrew S. Klinkman
Business Models for Extracting More Useful Life from Lithium Ion Battery Systems
Eleanor P. S. Johnstone EE San Francisco’s 2030 District: Performance and Implications for Urban Energy Efficiency
Louis M. Winkler EE/MBA First Order Estimates of the Potential Electric Power Generation Capacity and Associated Impacts of Widespread Commercial P.V. Solar Build Out in North Carolina
Tess Petesch EEP Impacts of Disease in Shrimp Aquaculture on U.S. Capture Fishery Prices
Erin L. Litzow EEP The Impacts of Rural Electrification in the Kingdom of Bhutan
Elissa Tikalsky
Reilly Henson
Sofia Tenorio Fenton
Understanding Pathways to Contaminant Exposure in North Carolina’s Community Gardens
Nathan Walker ESC Improved Connectivity Analysis Using Multiple Low-cost Paths to Evaluate Habitat for the Endangered San Martin Titi Monkey (Callicebus oenanthe) in North-central Peru
Emily Mills ESC Forest Elephant Movements and Habitat Use in a Tropical Forest-Savanna Mosaic in Gabon
Catherine Bowler
Jennifer Brennan
Samantha Kuzma
WRM Integrated Water Finance Solutions to Drought in the Yakima Basin: Recommendations for the Yakima Drought Relief Pumping Plant (YDRPP)
Pedro Gochicoa
Lucas Eastman
WRM A Climate and Operational Vulnerability Assessment of the Water Company in Salamanca, Chile
Brianna Elliott CEM Analyzing the Role of Sound in the Endangered Species Act: A Petition for Sperm Whale (Physeter macrocephalus) Critical Habitat in the Gulf of Mexico
Melissa Whaling CEM How Tos For Turtle Tourism: A Review of Sea Turtle Tourism, Its Impacts, and Guidelines to Inform Stakeholders in Martinique
Alexandra Aines CEM Feeding Habits of the Tiger Shark, Galeocerdo cuvier, in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico
Spencer Cote EEH Produced Water Spills Related to Unconventional Oil and Gas Development in North Dakota