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Registration, Financial Aid, Paying Tuition
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Registration, Financial Aid, Paying Tuition

Cindy Peters, and the Student Services team (A101 LSRC), are the best resources for questions about bureaucratic aspects of registration, financial aid, bursar's office problems, and things like that (and for many other things, too).

Registration Strategies

Most courses have enough space for all who want to enroll, but there are a few that do tend to fill up quickly. The "tiered" registration process, where you sign up for only 12 credits on the first day of registration, is intended to give everyone a fair shot when resources are limited. Some courses require permission numbers, which are usually available from the instructor or his/her assistant. If you have a permission number for a course, don't use it during your first registration slot because you will be able to use your permission number to register later. Instead, use your first registration slot to register for other courses you want to take that may have limits on enrollment, but that don't control entry by using permission numbers. Beginning on the first day of each registration period, you can register for up to 12 credits. Once drop-add begins until it ends in the second weeks of the next semester, you can register for additional credits (remember to get permission for an overload if you want to register for more than 15 credits in a semester).

For incoming students registering during orientation week: If you don't get into every course you want, remember that you'll be able to preregister for your spring courses along with second year students; and, next year you'll get priority access to fall courses because you will be preregistering for those in March. Returning students must wait until the end of orientation week to register for more than 12 credits in the fall semester. Student Services will let you know the dates on which you can register for various numbers of units for each semester's registration.

Course Credits
Candidates for the professional degrees are considered fully registered when they enroll full-time for the number of semesters required in their individual degree programs (for example, four semesters for the MEM or MF degree). Students normally register for 12 course credits per semester, although a variation from 9 to 15 course credits is common. Students must have the permission of their advisor to register for more than 15 course credits in a semester, and all students who wish to enroll for fewer than 9 course credits must make a formal request to the education committee to study part-time. The Nicholas School does not accept transfer credits; courses taken through the Interinstitutional Agreement (see below) are not considered transfer credits.

The DEL-MEM program is a minimum 30-course credit degree program.

To complete the DEL-MEM program within four consecutive semesters, students typically take between 6 and 9 course credits per semester. Permission is required to register for fewer than 6 credits or more than 9 course credits in a semester. Students must be enrolled with at least 6 course credits to be considered a full-time student and to receive federal financial aid, if eligible. Students registering for fewer than 6 credits per semester are not eligible to receive federal financial aid.


If a Duke or non-Duke course requires permission to enroll, it should be written on the course listing online system.  You are to contact the instructor to obtain permission.  Staff assistants may be handling the logistics of assigning the numbers.

Inter-Institutional Registration and Information

If you are interested in taking a course at another institution (i.e. UNC, NCSU, etc.) please visit Academic & Enrollment Services (A101 LSRC) to pick up an Inter-Institutional Approval Form. Some classes may require you to obtain permission or instructor consent as noted in the course listings. Please note that both UNC and NCSU have online email directories that may be used as needed to contact the appropriate instructor(s). Write the permission number you are given in the "Visited Inst. Approval" column, or have the instructor sign here. You may also attach an email from the instructor granting you permission to take the course. Once the form is filled out, obtain the appropriate approval signature in Academic & Enrollment Services (A101 LSRC). 

Turn in completed forms to Deborah Blackley, Staff Specialist, University Registrar's Office, 1121 West Main Street, Suite 1200 or send as an email attachment to She will process your registration form and make arrangements to enroll you in the requested course(s). Students and/or Enrollment Services can also fax the forms directly to the Registrar's Office at 684-4500.

To find a course description of a course at UNC visit the Graduate Catalog.  To find a course description of a course at NCSU, click on the link associated with the course number listed on the course listing.  Remember that courses listed under Special Topics are not established courses, so, if you need more information than is provided by the description on the course listings then contact the instructor (often you will have already received a notice of special topics courses from one of your Duke professors).

If you are trying to see if there is a syllabus online, try going to the department internet site and look for a category such as "Courses with Web Links", or, search under "Faculty" to lead you to the instructor's pages.  To find a department internet site at UNC, click on the link at the top of a department course listing.  To find a department page at NCSU, click on the link associated with the course number which will take you to the departmental course description page where there is a link to the departmental internet site at the top of the page.  For some departments at both NCSU and UNC, it may be necessary to locate the departmental internet page through the NCSU and UNC homepages.

Registration for FUQUA and LAW Schools

note: FUQUA and LAW school have class schedules independent from the rest of the University. Check for specific start and end dates.

To request enrollment in a course at the Fuqua School of Business you must fill out a Registration Permission Form for each course you wish to take. Forms may also be obtained in the Enrollment Services Office. You must have the Fuqua Professor and Cindy Peters' signature on the form prior to turning it in to Pam White, Fuqua Registrar, 340 East Wing, Keller Center, Science Drive, Fuqua School of Business.

Course enrollment requests for Nicholas School students will be processed by Pam White, Fuqua Registrar, 660-7688,

To register for Law School courses, submit your name to Cindy Peters. Student names will be placed on a waiting list on a first come, first served basis for each course. The names of those students wishing to register will be forwarded to Suze Bear, Law School Registrar at the end of the first week of drop/add for the Law School. Students will be enrolled in courses on a space available basis at this time. Those students who are allowed to enroll will be notified via email. A reply to Cindy Peters in Student Services at the Nicholas School will be requested to confirm that you will enroll. Suze Bear will forward the names of students that accept enrollment to the University Registrar's Office.


Other Independent Studies

Registration for masters projects work should not be under a section of ENVIRON 593 (Independent projects). This course designation should be used for independent work that can be completed within the semester of registration and is not related to the master's project.