UNC & NCSU Courses

Here are some courses that might be of interest among Nicholas School students offered at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) and North Carolina State University (NCSU). This is not an exhaustive list. We have suggested some places to look for additional courses. It would be prudent to check on prerequisites and level of presentation before committing yourself. Also, check to make sure you are not duplicating a course you've already taken at Duke. Remember that you can count up to 6 credits of 200-499-level courses [at UNC and NCSU 400-level] toward your 48 units. You may find that some of these classes are already full. They are included here so that you’ll be alerted to look for them again in the future. >> Students should check the most current class schedule for the most current course offerings.


A comprehensive picture of UNC's course descriptions (by department) can be viewed here; semester-based schedule can be viewed here.


Course & Title


  • ANTH 540 Planetary Crises Ecological and Cultural Transitions
  • ANTH 740 Evolution and Ecology
Anthropology Course Catalog
  • BIOL 201 Ecology and Evolution
  • BIOL 350 Oceanography
  • BIOL 565 Conservation Biology
  • BIOL 657 Biological Oceanography
Biology Course Catalog 
  • BUSI 500 Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
  • BUSI 506 Venture Capital and Startups
  • BUSI 507H Sustainable Business and Social Entrepreneurship
  • BUSI 538 Sustainable Operations
  • BUSI 555Groups and Teams in Organizations
  • BUSI 610 Global Business
Business Course Catalog
City and Regional Planning
  • PLAN 725 Development & Dispute Resolution
  • PLAN 741 Land Use/Env. Plan
  • PLAN 744 Development & Env Management
  • PLAN 745 Development & Impact Assessment
C&RP Course Catalog
Environment Science and Engineering
  • ENVR 417 Oceanography
  • ENVR 470 Environmental Risk Assessment
  • ENVR 505 Chemical Oceanography
  • ENVR 575 Global Climate Change: Science, Impacts, Solutions
  • ENVR 600 Environmental Health
  • ENVR 601 Epid for Env Scientists
  • ENVR 682 Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, and Global Health
  • ENVR 685 Water & Sanitation Planning & Policy in Developed Countries
  • ENVR 710 Environmental Process Biotechnology
  • ENVR 775 Global Climate Change: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
  • ENVR 780 Urban Water Services Planning and Design
Environment and Engineering Course Catalog
  • EPID 600 Principles of Epidemiology
  • EPID 715 Theory and Quantitative Methods in Epidemiology
  • EPID 785 Environmental Epidemiology
Epidemiology Course Catalog
  • GEOG 410 Modeling of Environmental Systems
  • GEOG 424 Environmental Politics
  • GEOG 543 Qualitative Methods in Geography
  • GEOG 577 Advanced Remote Sensing
Geography Course Catalog
  • LAW 239 Natural Resources Law
  • LAW 261W Environmental Law
  • LAW 442 International Environmental Law
Law Course Catalog
  • PLCY 375 Law and Public Policy
Policy Course Catalog
  • TOXC 707 Advanced Toxicology
Toxicology Course Catalog



A comprehensive picture of NCSU's course descriptions (by department) can be viewed here; semester-based schedule can be viewed here.


Course & Title


Civil  Engineering   
  • CE 577 Solid Waste Management
  • CE 579 Principles of Air Quality Engineering
  • CE 596.001 Special Topics: Water & Sanitation for Underdeveloped Regions
  • CE 596.002 Special Topics: Sust Bldg Design Project
  • CE 596.003 Special Topics: Coastal Modeling
  • CE 596.004 Transportation Energy and Environment
Civil Engineering Course Catalog
Crop Science
  • CS 430 Adv Agroecology
  • CS 462 Soil-Crop Management Systems
  • CS 590.003 Special Topics: Crop Management Systems
  • CS 590.008 Special Topics: Introduction to Sustainable Tropical Agriculture
Crop Science Course Catalog 
  • ENT 402 Forest Entomology (Lab included)
  • ENT 526 Organic Agriculture: Principles and Practices
Entomology Course Catalog
  • FOR 414 World Forestry
  • FOR 430 Forest Health and Protection
  • FOR 507 Silviculture Mini Course
  • FOR 509 Forest Resource Policy
  • FOR 513 Silviculture for Intensively Managed Plantations
  • FOR 596.004 Special Topics: Environmental Justice and Decision Making
  • FOR 750 Ecological Restoration
Forestry Course Catalog
Natural Resources
  • NR 500 Natural Resource Management
  • NR 554 Introduction to Data Analysis in Natural Resources
  • NR 595.003 Special Topics in Natural Resources: Biodiversity in Urban Regions
  • NR 595.004 Special Topics in Natural Resources: Restoration Ecology
  • NR 595.005 Special Topics in Natural Resources: Carbon Monitoring and Metrics
Natural Resources Course Catalog
Public Administration
  • PA 514 Management Systems
  • PA 536 Mgmt of Nonprofit Organizations
  • PA 598.008 Grantwriting
Public Administration Course Catalog
Soil Science
  • SSC 421 Role of Soils in Environmental Management
  • SSC 521 Soil Chemistry
  • SSC 532 Soil Microbiology
  • SSC 540 GIS in Soil Science and Agriculture
  • SSC 562 Environmental Applications of Soil Science
  • SSC 570 Wetland Soils
Soil Science Course Catalog


Enrollment & Registration

Check prerequisites carefully and consult instructor. Note: You can count up to 6 units of 200-499 (undergraduate) level courses toward your 48 units with permission of your advisor.

Duke courses are available in the student information system or DukeHub. In most cases, students can enroll directly and without instructor consent. If the course has restrictions, the student must contact the instructor for consent to enroll. 

Registration for courses at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) and North Carolina State University (NCSU) cannot be done through the DukeHub. View the university’s full policy about inter-institutional courses here. Course numbering schemes at UNC and NCSU are similar to Duke’s but please pay careful attention to the course level to make sure it is at an appropriate graduate level. Once you submit an enrollment request form, please plan to go to class even if your registration has not been fully processed so that you do not fall behind on assignments.

View course schedules at the links below.

The following steps are required for inter-institutional registration/enrollment

1. Course registration form required

2. Student’s signature required

3. Academic coursework advisor signature is not required

4. Departmental approval required; see the NSOE Registrar in the Student Services


If you have suggestions for additional courses that should be on this list, or comments on courses you have taken, or if you need more information, contact the Nicholas School Registrar.