Waiving Required Courses

If you believe you have already taken a course that covers the material in a course that is required for your program, take your documentation (syllabus, course description, text book, etc.) to the instructor of the required course. If they concur, it is then up to your program whether or not to require you to take a more advanced course in the same area (in any case, you would not receive any Duke credit for a waived requirement).

Write a note stating by what means you have already fulfilled the requirement and stating any program requirements for a more advanced course, have it signed by the required course instructor and your advisor, and place copies of this note in your advising files with your advisor and leave a copy with the NSOE Registrar who will audit your degree for graduation. Refer to this note when filling out your program advising worksheet to show that you have satisfied the requirement. If you do not get a waiver but have a schedule conflict with a required course, there may be an acceptable substitute, with permission of your program chair.