MEM or MF/Master of Engineering Management Program (MEM/MEMP or MF/MEMP)

Duke’s concurrent degree program between the Nicholas School of the Environment and the Pratt School of Engineering provides a broad perspective to blend the Master of Engineering Management (MEMP) students’ engineering backgrounds and the Master of Environmental Management (or Master of Forestry) students’ training in natural and social environmental sciences, resulting in graduates with a strong mix of technical and contextual knowledge and tools well suited to careers in several environmental sectors, particularly energy and environment, environmental health, and water resources. Students wishing to pursue the MEM in a concurrent arrangement with the MEMP should plan on two to three years of study.

  • Credit Requirements: Students must complete 36 units of credit in the Nicholas School, including a master’s project. An additional 24 credits must be taken in the Pratt School of Engineering, including a required summer internship and two semesters of the program's seminar/workshop series.
  • Credit Distribution: Prior to enrolling in the fall, students fulfill their required engineering internship in the summer preceding the fall term. During the first year courses are split evenly between engineering and environment with an emphasis on core engineering courses and requirements. The second year includes elective credits in the Pratt School and key core courses in the Nicholas School. During the third year students will complete their master’s projects for the Nicholas School; they may be able to finish in one additional semester or may require the full year to complete remaining credits and the master’s project.
  • Students must apply to and be accepted by both the Nicholas School of the Environment and the Pratt School of Engineering.

Questions concerning the MEMP degree should be addressed to: Master of Engineering Management Program, Duke University Pratt School of Engineering, 3120 Fitzpatrick Center (FCIEMAS), Box 90300, Durham, NC 27708-0300. Phone:(919) 660-5455, Fax:(919) 660-5456, Email:memp@pratt.duke.eduVisit their Web site here.

Standardized Exams

Applicants wishing to pursue the MEM (Master of Environmental Management) or MF (Master of Forestry) combined with the MEMP (Master of Engineering Management Program) will need to submit an official GRE (Graduate Record Examination) score. Both the Nicholas and Pratt schools require the score to be submitted by ETS to the University’s institution code 5156. To find additional information about all standardized test requirements, go here:

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Degree Program Sequencing

MEM-MEMP (Master of Engineering Management Program) -- The concurrent MEM (or MF)/MEMPdegree requires 60 total credits. An MEMP summer internship, MEMP seminar, the Nicholas School's MEM or MF Master’s Project and the Nicholas School MP seminar are required. Degree programs are distributed across four or five academic semesters and three summers (24-28 months total). The concurrent program begins in summer with the MEMP internship and then combines MEMP and MEM courses until all requirements are complete. Most students will need to spend a fifth semester finishing the MEM Masters Project and any remaining course credits. The fifth semester will especially be necessary for non-native English speakers who must take English courses to enhance their language skills and for students who must take additional courses during the first year to meet MEMP or MEM prerequisites (which would not earn any credit towards the graduate degrees). MEMP credits: 24, NS credits: 36.