Online (DEL-MEM) Leadership Advantage

Can leadership be taught? We believe that leadership is cultivated by each individual and requires time and effort; it is a process. Integrated into the DEL-MEM program, opportunities are provided to develop your leadership capacity in environmental management. Participation in the DEL-MEM program will put you one step closer in your leadership pursuit by providing you with opportunities to:

  • Enhance your understanding of the meaning of leadership
  • Assess your leadership capabilities and leverage your strengths
  • Gain practical leadership skills, including critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution, and the ability to apply them
  • Better understand “followership” and how to cultivate it
  • Identify and align your own beliefs and values with the process
  • Create a personal leadership development plan, set goals and evaluate your progress
  • Reflect on and resolve leadership challenges in your organization or agency
  • Learn from prominent leaders through a dedicated leadership module in D.C.
  • Emerge with a renewed vision of yourself as a leader

In addition to threading leadership into the course curriculum, the DEL-MEM program explores leadership in a variety of ways, including:

D.C. Leadership Module

The hallmark of our program is the dedicated Leadership Module in Washington D.C. Here, students are provided a point of reference for their leadership development through individual meetings with prominent leaders. During this session, students are exposed to leaders from all sectors during one-on-one meetings.

To complete the experience, student groups assume the role of a "leadership coach" or consultant. Based on their interactions with the leaders they met, students present analysis and advice relative to their leadership on a personal level, organizational level, and on a broader scale. This experience is incredibly unique and is raved by students as the pivotal learning experience over the two year program.

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