Meet Our Online (DEL-MEM) Students

Current students and alumni consistently say that they choose a DEL-MEM for several reasons, perhaps most importantly that it allows them to continue meeting responsibilities in both their current environmental profession and personal life. We also hear that, unlike larger programs, the small cohort affords exposure to less familiar perspectives and career fields that positively impact the way they approach their own work.

Additionally, a DEL-MEM has a dedicated focus on leadership, which participants say is a significant contributor to their confidence and career growth. Among our current cohort, at least six already have earned promotions by applying lessons learned to enhance their management skills.

A typical DEL-MEM Student:

  • Has an established background in field directly related to the environment, with a minimum of five years of relevant experience
  • Exhibits strong qualitative skills and intellectual ability to complete a graduate degree program at Duke University
  • Is currently in a leadership position, or poised to advance to the next level
  • Is seeking to update and add depth to their current skills, with a focus on management and leadership training


We are committed to recruiting and admitting a diverse student body comprised of high potential, mid-career professionals from all sectors with a minimum of five years of relevant experience. Our students come from amazing organizations – ranging from small nonprofit like Renew Missouri to large private firms such as Google. Students work in government, nonprofit organizations, private industry and consulting. For example, employers of DEL-MEM students and alumni include: 

Current DEL-MEM student profiles can be found here.


Students are geographically diverse, representing all regions of the United States and across the globe. This diversity fuels discussion as different localities bring different environmental pressures and concerns. International students provide alternative lessons and case studies in environmental management and leadership.

The DEL-MEM program adapts to time zone issues by recording all web conference course meetings and adjusting course meeting times, when available and appropriate.


Most students come with six to 10 years of professional environmental experience. One third have between 11-20 years of experience. The minimum requirement of five years of professional experience ensures that all students can offer a leadership and management perspective that enhances peer-to-peer learning.