Master of Forestry Participating Faculty

Faculty members serving as advisors in the MF program are listed below. Please consult the faculty research pages on Nicholas School’s website or the Bulletin of the Nicholas School of the Environment for descriptions of their research.
In addition, the program is supported by other faculty within the Nicholas School (Jim Clark, Pat Halpin, Randy Kramer, Brian Murray, Subhrendu Pattanayak, and John Poulsen; emeriti: Norm Christensen, Bob Healy, and Lynn Maguire), Duke Forest staff (Sara Childs, Jenna Schreiber; emeritus: Judd Edeburn), adjunct and visiting faculty (Robert Bonnie, JC Domec), forest scientists at the USDA/FS Research Station in Research Triangle Park (Tom Holmes, Evan Mercer, David Wear), and staff at the Forest History Society (Steve Anderson). Students who work with advisors outside of the Nicholas School should consult with regular program faculty on matters of academic advising and other administrative details that might be unfamiliar to our affiliates in other institutions.