Types of Registration


Audit  It is occasionally possible to audit certain classes. Be aware that courses taken on the audit basis cannot be used to count towards the 48 credits required for MEM or MF degree, but the credits count in the total number for which the student is registered. This might necessitate requesting an overload. In order to audit a course, the instructor must sign the Permission to Audit Request form; an original signature is required -email consent is not permissible for changes in the grading basis. A student wishing to audit a course should go ahead and sign-up for the course in the DukeHub. Submit completed form to Student Services A108 LSRC or send to nsoe-registrar@duke.edu.
Independent Study

All professional degree students have the opportunity to pursue independent study with individual faculty members. After discussing the potential for an independent study with a faculty member including topic and number of credits, students register to take independent study credit under ENVIRON 593. A permission number is required to register. The student must enter the number of credits agreed upon. The instructor will grade the final product and assign a grade. Next steps: Once you enroll in your independent study course in the DukeHub, please submit this form so that we can add the independent study title to your Duke transcript. The title must not exceed 30 characters.

Overload In order to register for more than 15 credits, the student must obtain approval from their academic coursework advisor and submit the Course Overload Request form. Overload request forms should be submitted to the Student Services office for processing no later than the end of drop/add. Students should allow 1-2 business days for processing.
Pass/Fail Students wishing to take a graded course pass/fail must discuss their interest with the instructor. If the instructor agrees, the student must submit Pass/Fail Consent form signed by the instructor; an original signature is required - email consent is not permissible for changes in the grading basis. Be aware that graded courses taken on a pass/fail basis cannot be used to count towards the 48 credit required for MEM or MF degree. Once the drop/add period is over, the grading basis cannot be changed.
Permission Number Some courses require instructor permission in order to register; see the class attributes section in the DukeHub. In order to enroll in the course, the student must obtain a permission number from the instructor. Some instructors will set deadlines after which a permission number will no longer be valid. Students are encouraged to request a permission number for only those courses they really want to take; then go ahead and register as soon as possible prior to the permission number’s expiration date. Permission numbers cannot be reused.
Waitlist If a class is full, the DukeHub will construct a list of students requesting enrollment in the order in which attempts to enroll in the course are logged. The waitlisted course will count towards the total course registration limit. Students can waitlist a class that conflicts with another enrolled class, however enrollment in the waitlisted course will not occur until the time conflict is resolved. All waitlists with the exception graduate courses at Fuqua, Law, NSOE and Pratt will be erased at the end of the first week of classes. During the second week of classes, all undergraduate courses below the 500 level will require a permission number. Be advised, being on a waitlist for a class does not guarantee eventual enrollment to the class.
Withdraw After drop/add registration ends in the DukeHub, students wishing to discontinue their enrollment in a course may do so only by withdrawing from the course. The student must obtain the instructor’s signature the on Course Withdrawal Request form and submit to the Student Services office for processing. The course will remain on your record and there will be a W in the grade column.