Undergraduate Courses (below 500 level)

Courses below the 500-level may not be applied toward the required credits needed for a masters/graduate degree. With the approval of their department, graduate students may enroll in lower-level courses as a course overload, but these courses will not count toward any graduation requirement and do not count towards the credits needed to demonstrate full-time enrollment status. Grad/prof students cannot enroll themselves directly in undergraduate courses in the DukeHub - instead complete and submit the undergraduate permission to enroll form and submit to the NSOE Registrar.

FAQs Undergraduate Course Enrollment & Policy

Undergraduate Permission to Enroll Form


- 100-499 range undergraduate courses and while graduate/professional students may take courses in this range, they cannot be counted towards their MEM and MF degree requirements. Undergraduate courses are tallied in units and 1 unit =3 credits for grad/prof students. Therefore, when students enroll in a 1 unit undergrad course, the DukeHub will automatically change the value from 1 to 3 credits.

- 500-699 range graduate/professional courses; upper level undergraduates may enroll

- 700-899 open only to graduate and professional students

- 900 range grad/prof only and reserved for the Duke Environmental Leadership Program. Mode of instruction is online. Fall courses are open to DEL-MEMs only; limited options available in the spring (https://nicholas.duke.edu/programs/masters/mem-online).