Bachand, Philip A. M., and Alexander J. Horne. 2000. Denitrification in constructed free-water surface wetlands: I.  Very high nitrate removal rates in a macrocosm study.  Ecological Engineering 14: 9-15.

Abstract:  Six newly constructed experimental macrocosms (approximately 0.13 hectare each) were built to study nitrogen transformation processes in the adjacent Prado Basin constructed wetland, southern California, USA.  First year macrocosm data showed that nitrate was the dominant nitrogen species.  Nitrate removal rates during September 1992 were measured at 2800 mg N m-2  d -1  while inorganic nitrogen and ammonia transformation rates were an order of magnitude less.  Nitrogen trends and transformation rates within the macrocosms were similar to those found within the adjacent wetland.  Based on calculated plant uptake rates and the absence of seepage losses, nitrate removal was attributed to denitrification.

Key words: Denitrification; Nitrogen; Nitrate pollution; Wetlands; Water treatment; Mesocosm

Reproduced by permission

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