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Jacqueline K. Huvane, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Duke University Wetland Center
Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences
Voice (919)613-8110 FAX (919)683-8741


Dr. Huvane’s research involves utilizing paleoecological techniques to develop recent (decades to centuries) and long-term (millennia) environmental histories of aquatic and forested ecosystems. Her work has included the use of diatom remains in lake sediments to quantitatively reconstruct environmental variables such as lake-water pH and alkalinity. She has also examined charcoal and pollen records in lake sediments to infer fire regimes on local and regional scales. Currently, Huvane is studying the ecosystem history of Florida Bay to infer past water quality conditions, including salinity and nutrient status, in conjunction with researchers at the USGS in Reston, VA.

Curriculum Vitae


Duke Wetland Center
Box 90333
Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708
Voice (919)613-8110 FAX (919)683-8741


1993 Ph.D.: Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

1985 B.S.: State University of New York at Albany, Summa Cum Laude


January 1998- Present: Research Associate: Duke University. "A Paleoecological Study of Florida Bay and South Florida Wetlands."

January 1995- Present: Post-doctoral Fellow: University of Alberta. "Effects of Climatic Warming and Increased UV Light on DOC-Mediated Processes in Canadian Aquatic Ecosystems" & "Paleolimnolgical Reconstruction of Fire History of Jasper National Park."

June 1994 - December 1994: Honorary Research Associate: Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. "The Effects of Acidic Deposition on Pocono Mountain Lakes in Eastern Pennsylvania."

1991 - June 1994: Research Assistant/Associate: Indiana University. "The Influence of Climatic Change on the Long-term Hydrogeological and Biogeochemical Trajectories of North American Watershed-Lake Ecosystems."

1989 - 1990: Research Assistant: Indiana University. "Paleoecological Investigations of Recent Lake Acidification in the Sierra Nevada."



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