Bird Checklist for

Sandy Creek Park


A Prothonotary Warbler sits in the shrubs overlooking a trail at Sandy Creek Park in Durham, NC. The Wetland Center is hosting an online version of the Sandy Creek Park bird checklist, a part of the ongoing collaboration between the park and DUWC.

Photo by Denny Colvin


Sandy Creek Park, part of the Durham Parks & Recreation system, is the downstream next door neighbor to the DUWC Stream and Wetland Assessment Management Park. The Park and the Wetland Center collaborate on public education and outreach about the Sandy Creek watershed.

As part of that collaboration, the Wetland Center is hosting the checklist of birds that have been observed and reported at Sandy Creek Park. The list can be printed and used as a trifold guide.

Sandy Creek Park Bird Checklist (PDF)

Sandy Creek Park Website

Friends of Sandy Creek Park Facebook Page  

October 14, 2015