DUWC Member Sonia Silvestri Receives the Marie Slodowska Curie Fellowship

Dr. Sonia Silvestri, a DUWC Extended Research Faculty member and an adjunct member of the Nicholas School faculty, is the most recent recipient of the Marie Slodowska Curie Fellowship.

The fellowship is funded by the European Commission and is awarded to experienced European researchers to enhance their career development and prospects. Silvestri was awarded a two-year fellowship for research on the detection and quantification of peatlands at the regional scale. Her project CReScenDo (Combining Remote Sensing Technologies for Peatland Detection and Characterization) combines passive and active satellite remote sensing with geophysical data collected from airborne platforms (Aerborne Electromagnetic - AEM) on three study sites, one in Indonesia and two in Europe (Norway and Italy). The integration of remote sensing observations with field data will allow Silvestri to quantify and map the carbon pool stored at the three study sites, developing a methodology that can be exported to other peatlands around the world.


The MSC Fellowship will allow Silvestri to pursue hands-on training to take place at the University of Padova and at a Danish private company, providing her with new scientific competencies in geophysical data analysis tools in advancement of her mid/long-term career.