Jha, P.K., P. Vaithiyanathan, and V Subramanian. 1993. Mineralogical characteristics of the sediments of a Himalayan river (Yamuna River–a tributary of the Ganges). Environmental Geology 22:13-20.

Abstract. Almost the entire suspended load of Yamuna River is transported during the monsoon period: quartz and illite are the dominant minerals of these suspended sediments. Basin lithology, tributary conditions, and sediment grain size seem to control mineral distribution in the sediments. Trace metal concentrations of Yamuna core sediments reflect their mineralogical composition. Illite is the chief clay mineral of the Himalayan river sediments. The mineralogical characteristics of the Himalayan river sediments differ significantly from the Peninsular Indian rivers, which chiefly carry montmorillonite.

Key words: Mineralogy–Himalayan river–Sediments–Weathering and transport processes

1993 Springer-Verlag New York. Reproduced by permission

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