Selected Summaries of Completed DUWC Projects, 1989 to the Present

A Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling Approach

Carbon Sequestration Benefits of Peatland Restoration

Comparison of Wetland Functions and Services on Restored Wetlands of the Piedmont

Differential Nutrient Limitation

Ecological and Economic Criteria for Successful Wetland Restoration

Effects of Highway Construction on Wetlands

Everglades Research

High-Accuracy Mapping of Peat Thickness Using Airborne Electromagnetics (AEM)

History of Water Quality in the Neuse and Pamlico Estuaries

Interactions of Climate Change, Land Use Change, and Invasive Species

Little Sugar Creek Project, Mecklenburg County, NC

Phenolic Compounds and Black Carbon Feedback Controls on Peat Decomposition and Carbon Accumulation in Southeastern Peatlands

Relationships Between Waterfowl Herbivory and Wetland Methane Emission

Restoration Potential of the Iraqi Marshlands

The Role of Sediment Processes in Controlling Water Quality in the Cape Fear River

Sources, Transport, and Fate of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in the upper Falls Lake Watershed, NC

          Also see the list of DUWC-related research articles 1980 to the present.