Vymazal, J. and C.J. Richardson. 1995. Species composition, biomass and nutrient content of periphyton in the Florida Everglades. Journal of Phycology 31:343-354.

Abstract: Periphyton biomass, nutrient dynamics in the biomass, and species composition were studied in two Florida Everglades sloughs from August 1991 to August 1992. Periphyton biomass on macrophytes was strongly season-dependent. Maximum biomasses [were] 1180, 161, and 59 g dry mass m–2 on Eleocharis vivipara, E. cellulosa, and Nymphaea odoroata, respectively, occurred in summer and early autumn; winter and spring periphyton biomass was very low (practically not measurable). Periphyton was dominated by blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) during the summer and autumn; diatoms dominated during the winter and spring. Green algae occurred mostly during the summer and autumn, but their growth was sparse and did not contribute significantly to periphyton biomass. Nitrogen-to-phosphorus rations in the periphyton were very high (59-121:1), suggesting phosphorus limitation of periphyton growth. The periphyton contained large concentrations of calcium (up to 22.3% on dry mass basis) especially in late summer and autumn.

Key index words: calcification; cyanobacteria; Everglades; nitrogen; nutrients; periphyton; phosphorus

Reproduced by permission

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