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09/19/17 Naples News: Corkscrew Swamp's ancient forest damaged by Irma

09/18/17 The Economist: Louisiana fights the sea and loses

09/15/17 Brand South Africa: iSimangaliso Wetland Park is a coastal jewel

09/15/17 University of Kansas: Evolution of "true frogs" defies all logic

09/14/17 WKSU-FM: Grass Carp could be bad news for Ohio wetlands

09/13/17 U. of Exeter: Cold region "tipping point" & permafrost loss now inevitable

09/12/17 U. of Bonn: East Coast of the United States is slowly sinking into the sea

09/11/17 Science Daily: Soil bacteria communities of Phragmites australis

09/09/17 The Intercept: Defunded wetland agency, more risk of Florida Irma damage

09/08/17 U. of Queensland: Effective decision making for coastal marine ecosystems

09/08/17 Financial Times: Iran's wetlands unsatisfactory despite restoration efforts

09/07/17 Jakarta Post: Palm oil producers pledge to promote sustainability

09/06/17 Santa Cruz Sentinel: "Instant wetlands" may solve water quality challenges

09/05/17 How Stuff Works: Pop-up wetlands helping migrating shorebirds

09/02/17 Stroud News: First-ever floating aviary built to save world's rarest duck

09/01/17 phys.org: Coastal wetlands reduce property losses from hurricanes

08/31/17 N&O: What Hurricane Harvey tells us about future storms

08/30/17 FCN: Florida wetland conservationists see lessons in Hurricane Harvey

08/29/17 Quartz: Houston flooding shows what happens when you ignore science

08/29/17 Daily Star: Saving Bangladeshi flood victims while looking for solutions

08/28/17 Slate: Houston wasn't built to withstand a storm like Harvey

08/28/17 Houston Chronicle: Wetland loss leaves city flood prone (pub. July 2016)

08/25/17 WCS: Proposed Andean dams could jeopardize Amazon floodplain

08/25/17 Florida Trend: Keep Florida Panthers on the Endangered Species List

08/24/17 Today: Development still threatens Indonesia's peatland forests

08/23/17 NOLA.com: An emergency declaration for Louisiana's wetlands?

08/22/17 WETPOL: The 2017 WETPOL Symposium

08/18/17 Science Daily: Assessing the risk of subsurface phosphorus

08/17/17 RPI: Frogs that adapt to pesticides are more vulnerable to parasites

08/16/17 U. of Missouri: Using salamander data to help manage ecosystems

08/15/17 U. of Newcastle: Sea-level rise model warns of worldwide wetland wipeout

08/14/17 NOLA.com: "Game of Floods" teaches how to survive sea-level rise

08/11/17 The Conversation: Four perspectives on Indonesia's fire-stricken peatlands

08/11/17 NPR: Massive peatland wildfire is now blazing in Greenland

08/10/17 UF News: East Coast's rapidly rising seas explained

08/09/17 Atlas Obscura: Save the Shetland bogs, for peat's sake

08/08/17 Science Daily: Headwater streams important for freshwater resources

08/07/17 ARN: Mangrove trees filter heavy metals out of surrounding soil and water

08/05/17 NOLA.com: You can help Louisiana scientists track wetland-killing insect

08/04/17 The Guardian: First ever breeding night herons in UK

08/03/17 Elsevier: Antibiotics come with environmental side effects

08/02/17 U. of Michigan: Reduce nitrogen runoff to shrink Gulf of Mexico dead spot

08/01/17 Sacramento Bee: CA may replace Fed wetland rules w/ stronger state laws

07/31/17 Reuters: Local residents face hard choices as Louisiana coast recedes

07/28/17 The Guardian: Ultimate bogs - Saving peatlands could help save the planet

07/27/17 Science Daily: Soil filters some emerging contaminants from groundwater

07/26/17 USC-SB: Seawall effects on coastal soft-sediment environment ecology

07/26/17 N&O: Op-Ed...Coastal development, seawalls, and ecosystem degradation

07/25/17 GFZ Helmholtz Centre: Thawing permafrost releases old greenhouse gas

07/24/17 Science Daily: Wetland destruction linked to Great Lakes algal blooms

07/22/17 NOLA.com: Mitigation banks should reward restored wetland functions

07/21/17 Newswise: Endangered Cuban Crocodiles come home

07/20/17 Science Daily: How climate change threatens Japan's coastal zones

07/19/17 WUNC: Invasive seaweed species helping NC's coastal habitats

07/18/17 EDF: Are environmental impact bonds the next big green investment op?

07/17/17 Tulane University: Mississippi mud may hold hope for the Louisiana coast

07/14/17 Colorado State: Groundwater pumping drying up Great Plains streams

07/14/17 NOLA.com: Louisiana wetland loss down, still a football field/100 minutes

07/13/17 University of Illinois: "Big Muddy" Missouri River needs a plan

07/12/17 Audubon: Rockies riparian and wetland restoration work

07/11/17 Science Daily: Oil impacts in coastal wetlands

07/11/17 Science Daily: Oil spill impacts may perturb the entire food chain

07/10/17 NOLA.com: Louisiana wetland loss down despite nutria territory expansion

07/07/17 UC Berkeley: Dinosaurs' loss was frogs' gain

07/06/17 The Argonaut: Flooding the wetlands - sea level rise in Los Angeles

07/05/17 New York Times: The "rewilding" of a century-old cranberry bog

07/01/17 Association of State Wetland Managers Blog: Managing the crisis of change

06/30/17 U. of Melbourne: The common  insecticide poisoning our rivers & wetlands

06/29/17 EPA: EPA et al. move to rescind 2015 "Waters of the U.S."

06/28/17 Univ. of Exeter: Monitoring wetlands can help predict climate change rates

06/27/17 USC: The backstory of the most mysterious ambphibian alive today

06/26/17 LSU: New flood study reveals America's most vulnerable communities

06/23/17 The Week: The swamp cowboys of Brazil's Patanal

06/22/17 US EPA/ECC Canada: State of the Great Lakes 2017 - Highlights Report

06/21/17 NOLA.com: Invasive plant could help Louisiana fight a wetland-killing pest

06/20/17 UNSW: Long-term study reveals impacts of dams on wetlands

06/19/17 Geological Society of America: New map highlights sinking Louisiana coast

06/16/17 Discover Magazine: "Accidental" urban wetlands are good for cities

06/15/17 MIT: Dwindling peatlands face further losses

06/14/17 Society of Wetland Scientists: Statement on climate change & wetlands

06/13/17 UNC-CH: The $9.5 billion ecological restoration industry

06/13/17 UC Davis: Floodplain farm fields benefit juvenile salmon

06/12/17 PLOSone: The multi-billion dollar ecological restoration economy

06/01/17 Radboud Univ.: Constructed wetland turns toxic landfill into carbon storage

05/31/17 UGa Today: Turtles serve as health barometer for coal-waste impacts

05/30/17 Houston Chronicle: Mud makes a comeback in suburbia

05/28/17 CBS News: Lawmakers face "scary" water trends in the Everglades

05/27/17 Univ. of Waterloo: Dams are major drivers of global environmental change

05/26/17 Cambridge Core: Impact of invasive plants can linger long after eradication

05/25/17 China Dialogue: Will China's new wetland protection rules be adequate?

05/24/17 ReliefWeb: Water shocks - Wetlands and human migration in Africa's Sahel

05/23/17 CAS: Wild geese in China are prisoners in their own wetlands

05/22/17 ReliefWeb: Report - Wetland Restoration to Reduce Risks, India

05/22/17 More recent wetland news from India

05/20/17 WLRN: American crocodile gets a plane ride back to the Everglades

05/19/17 BBC News: Lego animals invade Scottish wetland center

05/18/17 Environmental Law Institute: The 2017 National Wetlands Awards

05/17/17 BLI: Protecting Lake Victoria's valuable wetlands and their inhabitants

05/16/17 ClimateWire: How "draining the swamp" backfired spectacularly in Virginia

05/12/17 Carolina Wetlands Association: CWA's 2017 Wetland Treasures

05/11/17 BBC: Thawing permafrost is waking up frozen diseases hidden for millennia

05/10/17 Charlotte Observer: Alligators in North Carolina as summers get warmer?

05/09/17 Eos: What's the average methane isotope signature in Arctic wetlands?

05/08/17 Wallaces Farmer: May is American Wetlands Month

05/03/17 North Country Public Radio: Sounds of spring in a beaver pond wetland

05/02/17 euronews: A constructed wetland with sewage-treating "electric" bacteria

05/01/17 US EPA: May is American Wetland Month

04/28/17 Smithsonian: Europe's "bog bodies" begin to reveal their secrets

04/27/17 Down to Earth: Kenyans face livelihood changes as wetlands dry out

04/26/17 NOLA.com: Op-Ed...Louisiana's ongoing coastal land loss emergency

04/25/17 MIT News: Climate change predicted to increase Nile flow variability

04/22/17 Earth Day 2017

04/21/17 AAAS: March for Science partners work to put a human face on science

04/20/17 Society of Wetland Scientists: SWS endorses March for Science

04/20/17 U. of Alabama: Humans were polluting Chesapeake Bay by 19th Century

04/19/17 NOLA.com Louisiana plan...more wetland projects, shoreline protection

04/18/17 WPR: Wetland restoration as a business...Wisconsin's mitigation industry

04/17/17 Union of Concerned Scientists: Restoring California's coastal ecosystems

04/13/17 Science Daily: Nitrous oxide emissions from Arctic tundra

04/12/17 Cary Institute: North America's freshwater lakes are getting saltier

04/11/17 Oregon State U.: Clear-cutting mangrove forests increases GHG release

04/10/17 NIOO: Exotic water plant species aren't all bad

04/06/17 U. of Guelph: Methane from energy wells may pose groundwater risk

04/05/17 U. of Hawai'i: O'ahu vulnerable to sea-level rise groundwater inundation

04/04/17 ConfectioneryNews: European Parliament votes for new palm oil measures

04/03/17 ABCnews.au: Endangered frog may influence Australian water allocations

04/01/17 WRAL: Mini spring break camps for kids at Raleigh's wetland center

03/31/17 Jakarta Post: From haze to sustainability in Indonesia's peatlands

03/30/27 U. of Kansas: "Weather whiplash" will degrade Midwest's drinking water

03/29/17 Ecosystem Marketplace: When your day job is restoring streams

03/28/17 GSA: More than 100 years of flooding and erosion in one event

03/27/17 Lancaster University: Finding frog populations at risk from pollution

03/24/17 The News Minute: Hope for India's vanishing urban wetlands

03/23/17 CSUF: Ancient quakes & abrupt wetland sinking - Clues to modern threat?

03/22/17 UNwater: World Water Day 2017

03/22/1t TUK: New species contribute to rainforest ecosystem stability

03/21/17 BBC News: Scotland plans to restore peatlands to cut GHG emissions

03/20/17 U. of St Andrews: Protect new-found peatlands to prevent climate change

03/17/17 The Guardian: Kakadu, Australia's wetland wonderland

03/16/17 Rutgers University: After Deepwater Horizon, which animals survived?

03/13/17 Scientific American: Making America's drinking water polluted again

03/10/17 usnews.com: Louisiana recommends coastal infrastructure projects

03/09/17 Mother Jones: Projects to keep drinking water safe on chopping block

03/08/17 Reuters: Gender equality - A game changer for nature

03/07/17 Tico Times: Costa Rica pledges to improve wetland protection

03/06/17 Monga Bay: Discovering the Congo carbon sink

03/03/17 AAAS: Wetland scientists against Clean Water Rule changes

03/01/17 Oregon Live: Create your own miniature backyard wetland

02/28/17 NPR: Plans to eliminate the EPA Clean Water Rule

02/27/17 Utrecht U.: Ducks connect isolated wetlands by dispersing plant seeds

02/24/17 MNN: China's new wetland sanctuary/bird airport

02/23/17 Delaware Online: Marshes holding out against sea-level rise

02/16/17 Seeker: A man-made wetland will treat Shanghai's industrial wastewater

02/10/17 ICT: Antibiotic-resistant genes in estuarine wetland due to human activity

02/09/17 Penn State: Deep groundwater aquifers respond rapidly to climate

02/08/17 USGS: Mississippi River Diversions? Bigger may not be better.

02/07/17 U. Sheffield: Increasing water tables in agricultural peatlands may cut GHGs

02/06/17 The Guardian: Using tea bags to monitor wetland carbon sequestration

02/03/17 Charlotte Observer: Protecting the South's vanishing wetland forests

02/02/17 World Wetlands Day 2017 greetings from DUWC's Curt Richardson

02/02/17 Tehran Times: World Wetlands Day in Iran's duststorm-stricken Khuzestan

02/01/17 MongaBay: Reporting guidelines for responsible palm oil firms

01/31/17 teleSUR: Europe's oldest lake threatened by urbanization

01/30/17 Yale e360: A vulnerable community braces for sea-level rise

01/27/17 Soil Science Society of America: Floating towards water treatment

01/26/17 USGS: New technique quickly predicts salt marsh vulnerability

01/25/17 USGS: Current efforts may not save California's Central Valley waterbirds

01/25/17 AAAS: Response to halt of EPA/USDA public communications

01/24/17 phys.org: Duke researchers stress the importance of stormwater research

01/23/17 EurActiv: The real impact of palm oil and failed policies

01/20/17 NSOE: Nicholas School launches new river science seminar series

01/19/17 phys.org: Restored floodplain helps heal Mississippi River

01/18/17 The Guardian: Marsh Arabs watch as Iraqi wetlands are reborn

01/17/17 Tehran Times: The Eden Again project and Iraq marsh restoration

01/13/17 NSOE: Pressure from grazers hastens ecosystem collapse from drought

01/12/17 U. of Leeds: World's largest tropical peatland discovered in the Congo

01/11/17 Niagara Falls Review: Niagara Gorge restoration planned

01/09/17 HazMat Management: Guidance manual for in-situ wetland restoration

01/08/17 University of Bonn: Climate change could trigger strong sea-level rise

01/07/17 Columbia University: Exploring where water goes, even in winter

01/06/17 Syracuse University: The link between tropical glaciers and water supply

01/05/17 Wegener Institute: When coasts retreat, life in the shallows changes

01/04/17 The Community Word: Two men, two rivers, one mission

01/03/17 Live Science: Ancient wetland garden found in Pacific Northwest

01/01/17 2016 wetland news in review

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