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11/20/18 Univ. of Cincinnati: New map depicts global environmental degradation

11/20/18 WCS: New Nature article says wilderness is going, going...nearly gone

11/19/18 Vietnamnet: Vietnam's wetlands under threat

11/16/18 Science Daily: Saving peatlands, forests helps birds adapt to climate change

11/15/18 Palm Beach Post: A vote to end 3 decades of federal Everglades oversight

11/14/18 MSU: "Lateral" carbon cycle - implications for water quality, climate change

11/13/18 Landscape News: International Tropical Peatlands Center opens in Jakarta

11/13/18 ITPC: The International Tropical Peatlands Center website

11/12/18 Nat'l. Univ. of Singapore: Mangroves help mitigate carbon emissions

11/09/18 The Conversation: Why a wetland might not be wet

11/08/18 Pensoft Blog: Roadkill in the world's largest wetland, Brazil's Pantanal

11/08/18 Fischer et al. 2018. [Roadkill article] Check List 14(5) open access

11/07/18 Forests News: Congo Basin countries study peat management

11/06/18 Science Daily: Dam problems, win-win solutions

11/05/18 NP Traveler: NAS questions Everglades restoration approach

11/05/18 NAS 2018 report: Progress Towards Restoring the Everglades

11/02/18 MEAM: How can we restore marine ecosystems? Tips from global experts

11/01/18 Science Daily: World Heritage Sites threatened by rising seas

11/01/18 National Geographic: Photos reveal the extent of flooding in Venice

10/31/18 Ramsar Convention: COP13 - Conference of the convention signatories

10/30/18 Strange Wetlands: How to make a Swamp Thing Halloween costume

10/29/18 Ramsar Convention: 18 cities recognized for safeguarding urban wetlands

10/26/18 UPR: A wetland ecologist and a forest biotechnologist talk plant genetics

10/25/18 Science Daily: Rising temps, human activity - More runoff & flash floods

10/24/18 Los Alamos National Lab: Arctic greening thaws permafrost, boosts runoff

10/23/18 The OCR: A new survival plan for Southern California wetlands

10/23/18 SoCal Regional Strategy Report: Wetlands on the Edge

10/22/18 NOLA.com: Insect damage to Louisiana wetlands seen in satellite images

10/19/18 poem-a-day: "Everglades" by Anne Marie Macari

10/18/18 NYCurbed: A wetland remediation on Staten Island

10/17/18 Science Daily: Raw sewage input to NYC wetlands increases GHGs

10/16/18 Science Daily: When yesterday's agriculture feeds today's water pollution

10/12/18 NOAA: Ramsar recognizes California's Elkhorn Slough

10/12/18 Atlas Obscura: Elkhorn Slough

10/11/18 N&O: Frogs literally falling from above in eastern North Carolina

10/10/18 Ramsar: World's wetlands disappearing 3 times faster than forests

10/10/18 Ramsar report - Global Wetland Outlook 2018

10/09/18 UN: An historic Latin American/Caribbean environmental rights treaty

10/08/18 UN: Four countries from the global south to share peatland experiences

10/05/18 Stuff: New Zealand preschoolers recognized for work to restore wetland

10/04/18 Irish Times: Ireland looks at constructed wetlands to clean the environment

10/03/18 CFN: Environmental impact bond may reduce Louisiana's coastal land loss

10/02/18 UVM: Adoption of green stormwater infrastructure rises after floods

10/01/18 phys.org: Urbanization is cutting off life support to NYC's wetlands

09/28/18 EarthSky: Fight climate change with more swamps

09/27/18 EPA: WOTUS update - 2015 Clean Water Rule now in effect in 22 states

08/26/18 allAfrica.com: Rice growing threatens wetland conservation in Uganda

09/25/18 Houston Chronicle: Rebuilt Texas marsh is showing signs of life

09/24/18 Science Daily: Peatland carbon storage response to climate variability

09/21/18 Reuters: As water bank runs dry, Uganda restores its wetlands

09/20/18 Alfred-Wegener-Institut: Arctic coastal erosion intensifies global warming

09/20/18 Science Daily: Mineral weathering in thawing permafrost releases CO2

09/19/18 phys.org: Coastal wetlands must move inland to fight climate change

09/18/18 N&O: Hurricane Florence flooding swamps hog waste lagoons

09/17/18 Vice: Climate change may mean abandoning America's coasts forever

09/13/18 The Chronicle: Live blog - Duke University prepares for Hurricane Florence

09/12/18 AP News: Why North Carolina is vulnerable to hurricanes

09/11/18 Solutions: Balancing wetland restoration benefits to people and nature

09/10/18 Univ. of Michigan: Ecosystems risk transformation from climate change

09/07/18 CarbonBrief: A plan to solve the mysteries of Congo's vast tropical peatland

09/06/18 Umea University: Siberian GHG emissions peak as permafrost thaws

09/05/18 Next City: Finding the funding needed to protect threatened coastlines

09/04/18 Bloomberg: Miami's other water problem

08/31/18 Science Daily: Unexpected tree species richness in Amazon wetlands

08/31/18 PLoS One: Luize et al. 2018 Tree species pool of Amazonian wetland forests

08/30/18 Villanova: Coastal mangrove expansion may keep pace with sea-level rise

08/29/18 UAF: Thaw of permafrost under lakes could affect climate-change models

08/28/18 KVEO TV: Monitoring begins at largest wetland restoration site in Texas

08/27/18 CBC News: Alberta peatland wildfires could triple permafrost thaw

08/24/18 Asian Scientist: Displaced wetland birds can utilize abandoned farmland

08/23/18 New Vision: Uganda's shrinking wetlands impact fishmongers' livelihoods

08/22/18 Anchorage Daily News: Alaska may take over wetland oversight from Feds

08/21/18 EU Science Hub: Europe must prepare for rising seas to avoid floods

08/21/18 Virginia Tech: Sea-level rise could increase devastating tsunami risk

08/20/18 Eos: Restored wetlands could lower local surface temperatures

08/17/18 EDF: Environmental impact bonds can accelerate wetland restoration

08/17/18 The EDF report Financing Resilient Communities and Coastlines

08/16/18 UC Davis: Some California water managers disregard climate science

08/15/18 Berkeley Lab: Early-warning tool for tracking groundwater contamination

08/14/18 ORNL: Warmer temeratures extend growing season for peatland plants

08/13/18 designboom: MIT proposals for countering urban climate-change flooding

08/13/18 MIT LCAU report Design Guidelines for Urban Stormwater Wetlands

08/10/18 Nature of Cities: What can artists contribute to urban wetland restoration?

08/09/18 New Vision: Encroachers face eviction from Uganda's Kyetinda wetland

08/08/18 CIFOR: Tropical Peatlands Exchange 2018 - towards sustainability

08/07/18 Mongabay: Wetlands of India's Tamil Nadu soon to have protected status

08/06/18 Louisiana State University: Mapping blue carbon in mangroves worldwide

08/03/18 Xinhuanet. Photo essay - Egrets visit a Chinese wetland

08/03/18 Mongabay: Indonesia forest report - optimistic light on a complex issue

08/02/18 UTSA: Fecal contamination of surface water quality after Hurricane Harvey

08/01/18 KTOO: Glaciers recede, lands uplift, a Juneau wetland refuge loses ground

07/31/18 Science Daily: Halt farmland expansion to keep more carbon on the ground

07/30/18 ICL: Removing malaria-carrying mosquitoes unlikely to affect ecosystems

07/27/18 XinhuaNet: Photo essay - China's wetland area ranks 4th in the world

07/26/18 AEF: Canadian farm program encourages big-picture thinking on wetlands

07/25/18 Reuters: Iraq's wetland wildlife threatened by low water levels

07/24/18 CarbonBrief: Permafrost, wetland emissions could cut 1.5C carbon budget

07/23/18 University of Birmingham: Warming rivers contribute to rising GHG levels

07/20/18 Arizona State U.: Using satellites to measure underground water resources

07/19/18 Science Daily: Thawing permafrost microbiomes fuel climate change

07/18/18 Rutgers University: Sea-level rise threatens UK salt marshes

07/17/18 ESA: 2018 ESA Annual Meeting highlights mangroves

07/16/18 Science Daily: New way to predict coastal nuisance flooding

07/13/18 Xinhuanet.com: Photo essay - China's Yuehai Wetland in Yinchuan

07/12/18 NSOE: Stormwater ponds not a major source of nitrous oxide emissions

07/11/18 Detroit Public TV: The Great Lakes without Justice Anthony Kennedy

07/10/18 CEH: Wetland & permafrost GHGs and the Paris Agreement target

07/09/18 Science Daily: Rising sea levels could cost $14 trillion a year by 2100

07/06/18 Louisiana State University: How mangroves help keep the planet cool

07/05/18 U. of Maryland: Chesapeake Bay's summer dead zones breaking up earlier

07/04/18 Mountain Journal: the death of American wilderness?

07/03/18 Scottish Field: Restoring Scotland's peatland to fight climate change

07/02/18 MPR: These tiny crustaceans, wetland health indicators, are disappearing

06/29/18 Mother Nature Network: Swamp Sparrows' songs are 1,500 years old

06/28/18 E&E News: Pruitt restricts EPA veto power on wetland permits

06/27/18 Landscape News: Preventing peatland fires in Indonesia

06/26/18 Science Daily: Nanoparticles could mean more algae blooms in wetlands

06/25/18 Mongabay: To protect the Congolese peatlands, protect local land rights

06/22/18 Florida Museum: Oldest amber fossil evidence of frogs in tropical forests

06/21/18 James Cook U.: Dry riverbeds contribute to climate change

06/20/18 APM: EPA, Corps agree to new Alaskan wetland mitigation guidelines

06/19/18 PS Magazine: Wetlands being destroyed in the name of renewable energy

06/18/18 AP: Trump admin's push to redefine water rule threatens wetland banks

06/15/18 Buffalo News: Once toxic Buffalo River silt now usable for ecorestoration

06/14/18 NASA Earth Observatory: Monitoring drought and soil moisture in the US

06/13.18 Chicago Magazine: Can Illinois farm wetlands heal the Gulf of Mexico?

06/12/18 treehugger.com: Inside the carbon vault under Canada's boreal forest

06/11/18 San Francisco Chronicle: Designing to live with rising seas

06/09/18 Springfield News-Leader: City uses artificial wetlands to fight lake algae

06/08/18 Business Insider: Artificial wetland to purify water for South African farms

06/07/18 Imperial College: Deforestation-free palm oil not as simple as it sounds

06/06/18 Xinhuanet: Picture essay - Momoge wetland in China's Jilin

06/05/18 Radio Farda: Almost half of Iran's wetlands are 'dried up'

06/04/18 U Mass: Reconstructing Boston Harbor's 200-year sea level & flood record

06/01/18 NASA Earth Observatory: Fire marches across the Okavango Delta

05/31/18 thethirdpole.net: In India's Assam, a wetland too popular for its own good

05/30/18 E&E News: "No offsets, no problem" as Army Corps OKs wetland projects

05/29/18 Swansea Univ.: Seagrass meadows support world fisheries productivity

05/25/18 University of Exeter: Beavers do dam good work cleaning water

05/24/18 Oregon State U.: Streams emit more carbon dioxide in a warmer climate?

05/23/18 The Atlantic: Can San Francisco Bay be saved from the sea?

05/22/18 Okeechobee News: Shallow reservoir proposed north of Lake Okeechobee

05/21/18 EcoWatch: Fires restore wetlands for desert fish

05/18/18 Ramsar Convention: The 2018 Ramsar Wetland Conservation Awards

05/17/18 Univ. of Maryland: Satellite study finds major shifts in global freshwater

05/16/18 WBUR: Mississippi Delta model is a major ecosystem restoration tool

05/15/18 EOS: Drones hunt for impacts of oil exploration on wetland emissions

05/14/16 Columbia University Earth Institute: Shifting climate in the continental U.S.

05/11/18 Carolina Wetlands Association: 2018 Wetland Treasures of the Carolinas

05/10/18 Nature Conservancy: Collaborating to bring blue carbon credits to market

05/01/18 US EPA: May is American Wetlands Month.

04/30/18 Science Daily: Climate models predict drier Amazon, wetter Indonesia

04/27/18 Water Online: First ever wetland mitigation bank in New York City

04/26/18 Durham Herald-Sun: Wetland & boardwalk coming to downtown Durham

04/25/18 CNN: Hurricane-ravaged Everglades adapts to climate change

04/24/18 NASA: Mapping hurricane damage in the Everglades and Puerto Rico

04/23/18 Science Daily: Warming Ice-Age planet led to peatland formation

04/20/18 Yale Climate Connections: Earth Day 2018, a people-powered movement

04/18/18 UC Santa Cruz: Nature-based solutions for Gulf Coast flooding

04/17/18 Oregon State U.: Large wildfires bring increases in annual river flow

04/16/18 Science Daily: Florida urban growth leads to shorter, intense wet seasons

04/13/18 Forests News: Restoring peatlands, empowering communities

04/12/18 Yale e360: Ravaging of Indonesia's forests and peatlands continues

04/11/18 AAAS EurekAlert: Drained peatlands release laughing gas

04/10/18 Reuters: Indonesia peatland swap plan questioned over deforestation risk

04/09/18 UN: Agreement to protect world's largest tropical peatland

04/09/18 UN: Rapid response report - Countering peatland loss & degradation

04/06/18 WHOI: Extreme floods on the Mississippi River? Blame humans.

04/05/18 LSU: Mississippi Delta seafloor erosion is now like coastal land loss

04/04/18 Penn State: Considering sea level & groundwater in climate change plans

04/03/18 Science Daily: Effects of anthropogenic CO2 on estuaries

04/02/18 U. of Colorado: How cash can promote tropical forest conservation

03/30/18 NOLA.com: Funding the fight against Louisiana's wetland insect pest

03/26/18 Wetlands International: Protecting South America's La Plata Basin

03/23/18 Bay Journal: Stream mapping finds cost-effective restoration sites

03/22/18 New Vision: Fourteen reasons to celebrate World Water Day

03/21/18 liveMINT: Can wetlands find safe haven in India's cities?

03/20/18 Columbus Dispatch: Ephemeral vernal pools are important ecosystems

03/19/18 Sierra Club: The intertwined fates of hot sauce and Louisiana's coastline

03/16/18 Keep Durham Beautiful: Celebrate Creek Week 2018 March 17-24

03/15/18 Science News: When bogs burn, the environment takes a hit

03/14/18 Pulitzer Center: Video - India's unique Loktak Wetland is in peril

03/13/18 NSOE: Marine Lab's Brian Silliman awarded Fulbright chair

03/12/18 NOLA.com: Winter freeze didn't halt wetland insect plague

03/09/18 Business Insider: Photo essay - The lost wetlands of Los Angeles

03/08/18 Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund: Wetlands in gorilla habitat facing threats

03/07/18 U. of Wisconsin: Green spaces in cities help control floods, store carbon

03/06/18 U. of Maryland: Chesapeake Bay comeback due to reduced nutrients

03/05/18 INRS: Thawing permafrost is releasing organic matter into northern lakes

03/02/18 American Ornithology: Wild flamingos are returning to Florida

03/01/18 University of Bristol: U.S. flood risks greatly underestimated

02/28/18 UCLA: Rising sea levels put Pacific salt marshes at risk for extinction

02/27/18 Univ. of Illinois: Few Chicagoland wetlands left without non-native species

02/23/18 The Guardian: Brazil's Pantanal - The world's biggest wetland in pictures

02/22/18 Star2: Scientists battle against Indonesia's devastating peatland infernos

02/22/18 Jakarta Post: New trees are a second chance for peatland farmers

02/21/18 ScienceNews: World's freshwater bodies overloaded with phosphorus

02/20/18 Scientific American: Rewetting the swamp - Indonesia's bold plan

02/15/18 EDF: Outcome-based contracting for wetland restoration projects

02/14/18 NASA: Satellite data shows sea-level rise is accelerating

02/13/18 Miami Herald: Sea-level rise is outpacing Everglades restoration

02/12/18 Mississippi State U.: Evaluating Gulf of Mexico wetland restoration efforts

02/09/18 U. of Toronto: Arctic ponds may release more carbon as permafrost thaws

02/08/18 AGU News: Massive reserves of mercury hidden in permafrost

02/06/18 Dogwood Alliance: New report shows the value of southern wetland forests

02/05/18 WNPR: No FEMA help for displaced Puerto Ricans living in wetland areas

02/03/18 WHYY: Land donation enlarges Delaware's Great Cypress Swamp

02/02/18 Tehran Times: Photographers observe World Wetlands Day in Ramsar

02/01/18 UN Environment: Protecting peatlands, protecting the planet

01/31/18 CityLab: When climate change comes for your town

01/30/18 NSF: Wetlands provide landscape-scale reduction in nitrogen pollution

01/29/18 University of Texas: Discrepancies in estimates of water storage

01/26/18 Columbia Reports: Columbia's first protected wetland in the Amazon

01/25/18 e-know: Bringing back a wetland requires a team effort

01/24/18 PRI: Dams and loss of wetlands are fueling Africa's migrant crisis

01/23/18 Hakai Magazine: Sea-level rise is unlocking decades-old pollution

01/22/18 Chicago Tribune: Wetland erosion is a new source of carbon emissions

01/18/18 Houma Today: A shoreline stabilization project stands the test of time

01/16/18 Nature: Climate scientists unlock secrets of Blue Carbon

01/12/18 Eos: A better way to probe peat's underground carbon stores

01/11/18 Reveal: California prepares to defend its own waters

01/10/18 Cary Institute: US rivers & streams compromised by increasing salt loads

01/09/18 Mountain Journal: For every great trout stream there is a conservation map

01/08/18 ARC CoE: The window to save the world's coral reefs is rapidly closing

01/07/18 CBC News: 200,000 discarded Christmas trees help fight invasive carp

01/05/18 Atlas Obscura: After the holidays, Christmas trees help save wetlands

01/04/18 Michigan State U.: Streams are sensors of a region's environmental health

01/03/18 phys.org: NASA-led study solves a methane puzzle

01/02/18 Geographical: Everglades - Go with the flow

01/01/18 DUWC: 2017 Wetland News in Review

Holidays 2017-2018 Audubon: The 118th annual Christmas Bird Count