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10/18/19 Voices of Monterey Bay: How otters keep seagrass healthy

10/17/19 Tehran Times: Iran's Mighan wetland hosts migratory birds once again

10/16/19 Eos: Resilient peatlands keep carbon bogged down

10/15/19 Uganda MWE: 270 hectares of wetlands restored in 2018/19 fiscal year

10/15/19 Uganda MWE: Uganda's wetland restoration project offers global lessons

10/15/19 Uganda MWE: UN supports wetland restoration efforts

10/14/19 edc/nyc: Mitigation bank pilot program restores Staten Island wetland

10/11/19 MfN Berlin: World's largest frog species builds its own nursery ponds

10/10/19 EurekAlert: Microbes found in New Jersey wetland can break down PFAS

10/09/19 Time: Coastal ghost forests signal the advance of climate change

10/08/19 NatGeo: Inside the search for Africa's carbon time bomb peatland

10/07/19 NFP: Niagara River corridor is a Ramsar Site of International Importance

10/07/19 Univ. at Buffalo: Students spearhead Niagara River's Ramsar designation

10/04/19 Florida Museum: Seagrass meadows harbor wildlife for centuries

10/03/19 Science Daily: Major changes in Australia's Great Barrier Reef

10/03/19 Smithsonian: Living coral will slow reef dissolution from ocean acidification

10/02/19 NSF: High carbon dioxide can create "shrinking stems" in marshes

10/01/19 The Conversation: EPA Clean Water Rule repeal - A litigation swamp

09/30/19 Forests News: Fighting Indonesia's peatland fires a matter of law & order

09/27/19 Landscape News: The Everglades, forever more

09/26/19 Landscape News: Urban Wetlands - Now coming to a city near you

09/25/19 Gotham Gazette: 7 Years after Hurricane Sandy, Part 1

09/25/19 Gotham Gazette: 7 years after Hurricane Sandy, Part 2

09/24/19 Bay Nature: Want to prevent California's Katrina? Grow a marsh.

09/23/19 The CNRS: Peatlands trap CO2, even during droughts

09/20/19 Audubon: New research on Corkscrew Swamp's "super" ghost orchid

09/19/19 The Lens: Shrinking the Gulf Coast Dead Zone, Part 1 - Downriver

09/19/19 The Lens: Shrinking the Gulf Coast Dead Zone, Part 2 - Upriver

09/18/19 HeraldNet: A recovering salt marsh is gobbling carbon

09/13/19 Science Daily: Groundwater level studies can be tainted by "survivor bias"

09/12/19 CNN: EPA set to roll back WOTUS clean water regulation

09/11/19 Truthout: We must protect Congo-basin peatlands from fire

09/10/19 Stanford University: Satellites can reveal peatlands' susceptibility to fires

09/09/19 weather.com: India's government to restore 130 wetlands over next 5 years

09/06/19 A\J: Climate change's effects on coastal Louisiana's indigenous people

09/05/15 McMaster U.: Hurricanes drive the evolution of more aggressive spiders

09/04/19 Smithsonian: Three things to know about the Amazon rainforest fires

09/03/19 Duke Today: A $3 million grant for peatland and climate change research

08/30/19 CIFOR: Webinar - Could humans survive without forests and peatlands?

08/29/19 ASA: Land surface models should effectively incorporate water infiltration

08/28/19 WBUR: Zoo New England attempts to save rare wood turtles

08/27/19 Princeton University: US coasts will have "100-year" floods every 30 years

08/27/19 U. of Delaware: Managing coastal retreat as sea level rises

08/27/19 N&O: There may be no escape when The Big One hits NC's Outer Banks

08/26/19 Pulitzer Center: A Ugandan river dries up after illegal land acquisitions

08/23/19 San Francisco Bay Trail: Discover the Bay Trail

08/22/19 NOLA.com: Mississippi River diversions - Driving land gain or land loss?

08/21/19 phys.org: Termites in wetland soils can improve soil structure and nutrients

08/20/19 Field Museum: Cattail root fungi could tell us about ancient ecosystems

08/19/19 NOAA: New mapping reveals lost West Coast estuary habitat

08/16/19 The Conversation: Designing a virtual field trip through the Everglades

06/15/19 University of Glasgow: Measuring the climate impact of development

08/14/19 UCI News: Study examines a million corals in an urgent call to save reefs

08/13/19 Irish Examiner: Wetland crops could help cut carbon emissions

08/12/19 WESA-FM: Pennsylvania's unique peatland ecosystems

08/10/19 IDR: Dredging and restoration on Minnesota's St. Louis River Estuary

08/08/19 Cape Cod Times: Turning a Nantucket cranberry bog into a wetland

08/07/19 The Blade: Economics might support Ohio's Great Black Swamp restoration

08/06/19 Wired: The bizarre, peaty science of Arctic wildfires

08/05/19: MSU: Conservation or construction? Deciding waterbird hotspots

08/03/19 Hindu BusinessLine: Wetlands in Kashmir shrinking due to urbanization

08/02/19 The Blade: Ohio's Great Black Swamp experiment could help Lake Erie

08/01/19 ABCNews.au: A leachate wetland designed to deal with hazardous waste

07/31/19 Citizen Matters: Wetlands could ease Mumbai's monsoon flooding problem

07/30/19 Kansas.com: Wichita's new 91-acre wetland park

07/29/19 GreenBiz: Carbon capture - A life-affirming force of action

07/26/19 Xinhuanet: Lotus flowers bloom at China's Mingcui Lake Wetland Park

07/25/19 Penn State: How to restore a coral reef

07/24/19 UC Santa Barbara: Americans digging deeper than ever for fresh water

07/23/19 EfficientGov: Funding for estuaries guards against storm devastation

07/22/19 MPR: Nature - The next big thing in climate adaptation technology?

07/19/19 Forests News: Pineapples & Peatlands - Restoration and recovered hope

07/18/19 Great Lakes Now: Preserving Ohio's Great Black Swamp acre by acre

07/18/19 The Black Swamp Conservancy website

07/17/19 WBUR: Helping a New England salt marsh adaprt to sea level rise

07/16/19 Mongabay: Dangerous new regulation puts Indonesian peatlands at risk

07/15/19 CAP: Midwest floods worsens Gulf of Mexico's toxic algae problem

07/12/19 ASWM: The Healthy Wetlands, Healthy Watersheds Project

07/12/19 ASWM: Healthy Wetlands, Healthy Watersheds - Final White Paper (PDF)

07/11/19 The Conversation: How to fight wildfires & climate change with wetlands

07/10/19 AAAS EurekAlert: Non-native wetland plants squelch species richness

07/09/19 ITPC: International tropical peatland workshop

07/08/19 The Herald: A map of Scotland's planet-saving carbon sinks

07/04/19 WRAL-TV: North Carolina's largest saltwater marsh restoration

07/03/19 Reaction: How capitalism can save South Africa's wetlands

07/03/19 allAfrica: Removing invasive wetland plants to protect water supplies

07/02/19 Oregon State University: Managing rivers to be resilient to climate change

07/01/19 phys.org: Mapping the world's largest terrestrial carbon store

06/28/19 Xinhuanet: Photo essay - Lhalu wetland in Tibet

06/27/19 Ramsar Convention: China to host next Ramsar convention in 2021

06/26/19 AOS: Migratory patterns of declining Prothonotary Warbler populations

06/26/19 WTOP-TV: Coal train derails in Great Dismal Swamp Wildlife Refuge

06/26/19 YouTube: Train derailment in the Great Dismal Swamp

06/25/19 Yale e360: Trees in tropical wetlands a surprisingly large methane source

06/24/19 The Hill: The connections between farm fields and mounting water risks

06/21/19 Atlas Obscura: How an Irish bog got a second life as a sculpture garden

06/20/19 Sierra: 2019's Gulf of Mexico dead zone forecast to be one of the biggest

06/20/19 Courier Journal: Restore Kentucky's wetlands to help fix the Gulf dead zone

06/19/19 Science Daily: Wetlands as a source of methane

06/18/19 Chesapeake Bay Mag.: Students get schoolyard wetland to learn up close

06/17/19 National Academies: Protecting coral reefs in a deteriorating environment

06/14/19 BBC News: The Scottish bog swarming with scientists and artists

06/14/19 The Guardian: How art is healing Scottish peatlands

06/13/19 Irish Times: Turf war, climate crisis, and decarbonization in the midlands

06/12/19 Forests News: Restoration belongs to the community

06/11/19 The Conversation: Climate change limits Everglades restoration

06/10/19 UN Environment: Working for Indonesia's peatlands and forests

06/07/19 WCS: Asian frogs use flooded elephant footprints as wetland habitat

06/06/19 Ohio State University: Mapping fresh groundwater's influence on oceans

06/05/19 Univ. of Vermont: Restore wetlands to cut flood costs, reduce pollution

06/05/19 Univ. of Vermont's wetland restoration and stream management studies

06/04/19 New York Times: Ocean protection is an urban issue

06/03/19 GreenBiz: Bringing a damaged coastal wetland back to life

05/23/19 CWA: An interactive map of CWA's Wetland Treasures of the Carolinas

05/22/19 WPR: Thirsty the Duck, 1960s cartoon mascot, returns to promote wetlands

05/21/19 The Lens: Another viewpoint on treated effluent in wetlands

05/20/19 Ravalli Republic: What drives beavers to colonize?

05/17/19 YaleEnvironment360: Bringing a damaged wetland back to life

05/16/19 Sierra Leone Times: Satellite data offers hope for Africa's wetlands

05/15/19 Napa Valley Register: Napa-Sonoma marshes rebounding with wildlife

05/14/19 UTnews: Stormwater banking could help Texas manage floods & droughts

05/13/19 AGdaily: The social and financial value of farmland conservation

05/10/19 Smithsonian: NC's bald cypresses are among the world's oldest trees

05/09/19 Science Daily: Using rivers to track thawing permafrost carbon release

05/08/19 Science Daily: Even more amphibians at extinction risk than we thought

05/07/19 chinadialogue: The great rewetting on the edge of the Tibetan plateau

05/06/19 University of Guelph: Rapid permafrost thaw a threat to northern landscape

05/06/19 CBC News: Thawing permafrost swallows researchers' equipment

05/03/19 CWA: Announcing the 2019 Wetland Treasures of the Carolinas

05/03/19 CWA: Sign up for CWA's 2019 Wetland Treasures tours in May & June

05/02/19 Sierra Club: San Francisco Bay's massive marsh restoration takes root

05/01/19 US EPA: May is American Wetlands Month

04/30/19 Tehran Times: Wetlands reduce flood devastation to a third

04/29/19 Science Daily: U.S. Southeast facing drastic sea-level rise next decade

04/26/19 National Geographic: Deadly fungi cause a global amphibian 'apocalypse'

04/26/19 Science Daily: Hidden diversity in an ancient frog family

04/26/19 Pensoft Blog: Unsuspected diversity in a group of Costa Rican frogs

04/25/19 Carnegie Science: Climate change is already impacting water quality

04/24/19 The Lens: Dumping sewage in natural wetlands has hidden costs

04/23/19 VIMS: Continuing effects of Deepwater Horizon oil spill

04/22/18 Earth Day Network: Earth Day 2019 - Protect Our Species

04/1719 The Country Paper: A family combines habitat restoration with farming

04/16/19 CdAPress: "Deadly season" for waterfowl in lead-polluted Idaho ecosystem

04/15/19 Science Daily: Global review of water reallocation from rural to urban areas

04/12/19 Univ. of Cincinnati: Archeologists find Mayan farms in Mexican wetlands

04/11/19 Stanford University: Where will flooded fields best replenish groundwater?

04/10/19 Mongabay: Mining breaches sensitive Madagascar wetland

04/09/19 Science Daily: Climate-change peat CO2 impacts via moisture conditions

04/08/19 LMU - Munich: Five new, tiny frog species from Madagascar

04/05/19 UNCG: Campus wetlands provide a nexus of research and learning

04/04/19 WAMU-FM: Chesapeake Bay showing signs of health despite challenges

04/03/19 Scientific American: Wetlands can protect shorelines better than walls

04/02/19 ANU: Fungal disease causes global mass amphibian extinctions

04/01/19 Rutgers: Medicines, personal-care products newest waterway pollutants

03/29/19 University of Muenster: Duckweed - The low down on a tiny plant

03/28/19 Christian Science Monitor: Restoring Indonesia's peatlands

03/027/19 Columbia U.: Climate-driven storms may raze many tropical forests

03/26/19 phys.org: Protecting wetlands from underground mining impacts

03/25/19 Ramsar: A proposal for an awareness-raising wetland decade

03/22/19 A collection of online news stories for World Water Day 2019

03/21/19 The Economist: The palm-oil industry's flawed deforestation efforts

03/20/19 Xinhuanet: Winter in Moheertu National Wetland Park, Inner Mongolia

03/19/19 The National: Climate change a major threat to UAE's wetlands

03/18/19 FAPESP: Giant Amazonian animals lived in megawetland 20M yrs. ago

03/15/19 IPS: Island women take the lead in Philippines peatland restoration

03/14/19 psmag.com: Why aren't we using nature to fight climate change?

03/13/19 United Nations: 2021-2030 is the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

03/13/19 SER: International ecosystem restoration standards & free online e-course

03/12/19 BirdLife.org: Spanish wetland overexploitation threatens thousands of birds

03/11/19 FSU: Researchers, local communities see coral reef changes differently

03/09/19 SERC: When sea level rises, coastal wetlands crank up carbon storage

03/08/19 BBC News: Wetland mud is a secret weapon against climate change

03/07/19 TribTown: Are flood surge barriers a good idea or not?

03/06/19 Science Daily: Producing aquatic plants for use in wetland restoration

03/05/19 Phys,org: Ancient wetlands provide insight into the global carbon cycle

03/04/19 UEF: Thawing permafrost peatlands may add to atmospheric CO2

03/01/19 Dogwood Alliance: SC's Francis Beidler preserve (YouTube video)

02/28/19 Straits Times: Indonesia braces for peatland wildfires ahead of El Nino

02/27/19 Ducks Unlimited: A habitat offsetting project is a win-win proposition

02/26/19 VIMS: Continued sea-level rise on East & Gulf Coasts

02/25/19 Nature: Can dams help mitigate the global warming impacts of wetlands?

02/22/19 EcoWatch: Saving Brazil's Pantanal, the world's largest wetland

02/21/19 Engineering & Technology: Why the world needs wetlands

02/20/19 MPR: Scientists don't let winter weather stop wetland restoration

02/19/19 NSOE: Predicting tipping points for marsh survival

02/15/19 Monga Bay: Wetland forests in the southern U.S. - What are they worth?

02/14/19 EU Science Hub: More efforts needed to protect world's inland waters

02/13/19 TU Wien: Using DNA tests to find the source of water pollution

02/12/19 U. of Washington: Spring rains release methane from thawing permafrost

02/07/19 UN Environment: Peatlands store 2X as much carbon as all the forests

02/06/19 The Weather Channel: Protecting India's Wetlands

02/05/15 Nature Conservancy: A wetland restoration for Lake Erie's Pelee Island

02/04/19 Texas A&M: Scientists strategize for better conservation plans

02/02/19 Ramsar: PowerPoint presentation - Wetlands, a solution to climate change

02/01/19 Ramsar: The Global Wetland Outlook

01/31/19 Ramsar: The history of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

01/30/19 Ramsar: A guide to the 39 Wetlands of International Importance in the U.S.

01/29/19 Ramsar: About the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

01/25/19 CBS News on Facebook: NC alligators survive getting frozen in icy waters

01/25/19 Ramsar: Download materials for your World Wetlands Day events

01/24/19 Landscape Architecture Magazine: Beavers - Build and let build

01/23/19 Yale e360: On the Colorado River, drought is the new normal

01/23/19 Yale e360: Will the Colorado River run dry?

01/23/19 Yale e360: Article series - The water-starved Colorado River

01/22/19 ZSL: Mangrove patches deserve greater recognition, no matter the size

01/18/19 CGTN: Beidagang Wetland - A bird's paradise in northern China

01/17/19 Sun-Times: Illinois waterfowl survey - spring geese, lingering mallards

01/16/19 Al Bawaba: MWO-2 report warns of possible wetland losses

01/16/19 Report - Mediterranean Wetlands Outlook 2

01/15/19 Progressive Farmer: Legal doctrine ruling could decide future of wetlands

01/14/19 Drone Below: Using drones to monitor peatlands

01/11/19 The Epoch Times: A photographer's journey to document the Everglades

01/10/19 Forests News: Peatlands for today and tomorrow - Video Q&A

01/09/19 News-Press: Cleaning Everglades water by cycling land uses

01/08/19 LSU: Restoring canals to fight Louisiana's wetlands loss

01/07/19 Herald.net: Wetland restoration site provides bird study opportunities

01/01/19 WUNC FM: Carbon farm in eastern NC could make Duke carbon neutral

01/01/19 2018 Wetland news stories in review